Friday, February 15, 2013

Nail Files {2/15/13}

Happy Friday & day after Valentine's Day! Phew, thank god that day is over. I dodged the day by spending it with one of my best friends since we are both considered, technically single. We ate plenty of carbs {whole wheat of course} and nibbled on plenty of chocolates and my gift to her, Starbucks java chip frap ice cream! I felt pretty pathetic going to the grocery store and buying a carton of ice cream, screams lonely and pathetic especially on Valentine's Day, but oh well I only spend $4 while other sucks were spending upwards of $40 on bouquets of roses, you can't eat the roses :)!

That's the Wedding Planner playing in the background! 

While I like to think this was the perfect SAD {Singles Awareness Day} I've had, I would have loved to have a bouquet of flowers AND chocolates!

Now moving onto the reason for today's post, my nails, I'm linking up with Tara and Vicki!

 I know I should have gotten in the mood of the day of love, but I just went neutral and kind of dark. Oh well, I loved this color and am probably going to keep it going for another week. I actually got this color in a set for Christmas and it's got some gorgeous colors. 

Sorry for the crappy quality, I am still in the process of purchasing a new camera. The brand is love & beauty by F21 which I love because it's super affordable and the quality isn't too shabby either. This color is a dark steel color with gold overtones which is a great winter color.

What are you all sporting on your piggies?!


  1. I love the Steel color! I've never tried Forever 21's nail polish, but I want to check it out sometime!

    Stopping by from the Nail Files :)

  2. ohhh i love that color! so pretty!