Thursday, February 6, 2014

Colorado Trip Recap {Part 2}

Hey y'all! I'm back to give you guys the rest of my trip recap from Colorado today. If you didn't catch the first half, catch up here.


So Saturday morning/afternoon was spent at Monkey Bizness celebrating my nephews 1st birthday party, but us adults celebrated at night the only way we knew how...hitting the town! Lucky for us my cousins mom flew into town for the weekend and was able to watch the boys while we went out. We started out the night going to Painting with a Twist, a painting studio/bar. This was a first for all of us and it was such a blast. My cousins hubby was such a sport driving us ladies around and putting up with all of our gossip and boy talk all night.

{} All of us pre painting/drinking
{} Finished products (none of ours turned out like it was supposed to, oh well)
{} Having some fun with the photobooth up front
{} My cuz Jan and I
{} My finished painting
{} My bro-in-law Pat and I at the bar
{} Cousin love
{} In the bathroom of a bar named Rhino's, keeping it real classy Colorado
{} My fave cuz and I taking some chocolate cake shots

*Not pictured* Our $30 total from McDonald's at 3:00 am, let's just say waking up to a crying baby at 5:30 am was definitely not appreciated the next morning.

The next day, my cousin Jan was heading back to Atlanta, but we went to the Garden of the Gods since the weather was beyond gorgeous that day (yes 50+ degrees to a Chicagoan is practically shorts weather).

{} The gorgeous views from our drive to Garden of the Gods
{} My outfit of the day (love me some chambray)
{} Morning snuggles with my main squeeze
{} Rocking the mustache glasses the only way he knows how
{} My hair was looking extra fab that day, so I had to document with a selfie
{} The gorgeous Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel (my cousins hubby works as an airmen in the Air Force and they took us to see the Academy). This chapel is seriously breathtaking.

I really wish I got more pictures for y'all, but I was seriously trying to soak everything in and the last thing on my mind was taking out my phone to snap pix (plus wearing leggings without pockets made carrying my phone hard).

Monday-Wednesday we spent at home mostly because of the cold weather and snow out, but that called for playing with the boys and dogs all day, it was exhausting I don't know how you momma's do it! Wednesday was special because it was the actual day my nephew was born (1 year to the date). He is such a special addition into my life and although he isn't my baby, I treat him like he's my own because he stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on him. He is such an incredibly happy and sweet baby whose personality has shone through his year of life. I was blessed to be able to spend his birthday with him and to celebrate, we went out for some Chicago style pizza!

{} This was taken right after he woke up while I was babysitting him and all he wanted to do was climb all over me.
{} Big brother S with his baby bro acting crazy on the Tonka truck
{} Looking pretty guilty of flirting with the waitress at his birthday dinner
{} Testing out his brand new Elephant rocker from PBK
{} Old Chicago menu (gotta say their pizza was pretty good comparatively)
{} Prince with his castle and brand spankin' new big boy sippy cup

This was sadly our last day in Colorado and I wanted to soak up all the baby time before leaving for Denver. Big brother S got sick the morning of so he wasn't up for many pictures, but D is always there to make a funny face whenever there is a camera nearby.

**I'll start from the bottom up this time**
{} Smooches for my main man D
{} Lookin pretty confused as to how this whole selfie thing works
{} My absolute favorite picture with the cutest baby ever
{} Denver International Airport, this airport is probably one of the coolest designed airports I've been to. Plus there were Olympic athletes in the security line with us heading to Sochi!!
{} Since my flight got delayed out of Denver by 2.5 hours, I had to get a large cup of Dunkin coffee, thank god I was able to get out that same day while other flights were being delayed!

So that was basically my trip in picture form, you're welcome for the collages so you didn't have to see eleventy billion pictures separated. Even though this trip was spent with two babies, I had such a blast. I don't get to see my cousins and family too often because we are all scattered throughout so this was nice to be able to spend some quality time and having the older nephew actually remember who I was definitely made the whole trip worth it. I'm also grateful for my cousin and her hubby for letting us stay with them and join the circus for a week, with 5 adults, 2 kids under the age of 4 and 2 rambunctious corgis running around.

Hope you enjoyed my recap of my trip. Oh and shameless plug, make sure you enter the giveaway for a $200 Stella & Dot Giftcard, it's ending soon!!

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Good Luck lovers!
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  1. Chocolate cake shots are my favorite! Sometimes I have to tell the bartender how to make them because I guess they're not that popular :-P