Friday, February 21, 2014

Taking it wayyyyy back {kinda}

I realize my title today sounds kinda creepy, but I think you guys are bored of seeing the same title pretty much every Friday, so I thought I'd change it up again. Well, this week I've been working on transferring old pictures onto my external hard drive (which only took over a year to finally get to) which meant taking a super long trip down memory lane for me. I tend to forget certain memories, which is why I love to have pictures to help remember those good times. Just because I want to have more today than just a song, I figured I would hit you guys with some nostalgia from me to you (granted some of these times weren't that long ago, but with this winter everything seems so far away).

Meeting some awesome bloggy ladies like Erin & Taylor!!!

So thrilled to have met Erin & Mariel!

Fabulous bloggers in Chicago

Just hanging at the Bean.

Practicing my "model" skills, isn't working out so well for me.

Fun times in Texas, got beer?

My cousin and I planking on the Skydeck of the Sears Tower, this was beyond terrifying!!

My cousin and I just hanging out at the Bean!

Just monkeying around with some zoo animals.

Little sissy and I at the zoo.

At a family friends' bridal shower, holy moly do I look tanned!!

Ala 2007, freshman year of college.

Celebrating my 18th birthday with a huge sombrero, I look like a wittle baby here.

Wow some of those pictures were a serious throwback and I realized I have the most fun in the warmer months so come on Chicago, let's get your shit together already!! How was your trip down my memory lane? Let me leave y'all with a song that always brings me back to a fun time last year at my best friends engagement party. This is such a great summer hit and makes you just want to dance!!!


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