Monday, February 17, 2014

Speak GIF To Me

Hey all! So you might look at the title and wonder, what the hell is a GIF?! Well, by the end of this post you will have laughed your face off and learned a little something about GIFs.

A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format basically takes any picture or more famously reality show clippings and creates animated images you can share with all your friends. I'm not sure why I haven't implemented more of them in my blog posts, but trust me I will now be looking at GIFs to elevate my posts a little more. They are beating out hilarious ecards because they are from the guilty pleasures we all love to hate. Here are a few that I'm loving on right now. 

Nene just knows me so well!

Alright, I'm done. I can literally give you guys hundreds of these that relate, but we'd be here for months. I'll let Nene take it away...

 photo MUHsignature_zpsb4f83d4b.png


  1. My favorite one (if it hasn't been obvious) is Heather Dubrow's "Champs is always a good idea" fabulous!

  2. Can't believe you didn't include the "blood orange" one from Project runway. While it's not applicable to many situations, it's downright hilarious!


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