Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the kinda girl who...

I'm the kinda girl who...

...dances around the house (like a weirdo) when nobody is home

...hogs the blanket completely (no shame in my game)

...loves getting dressed up, but also prefer the nights in my sweats always in a land of constant wanderlust, I want to always be traveling

...loves my family more than anything in this world

...wants kids one day, but am terrified of what kind of mom I'll  be

...won't admit it publicly, but loves taking selfies, esp when I'm having a good hair/makeup day

...loves to cuddle, but I also need some space when I sleep

...will always try to go above and beyond for the people in my life, even if I stretch myself too thin

...eats when I'm bored not a morning person, but nowadays can't sleep past 8am when "sleeping in"

...has 5 different planners (no joke) and journals scattered everywhere with ideas terrified of the unknowns, I'm a planner through and through

...eats on impulse, if I see something yummy 9 times out of 10, I'll want it (impulse candy is my weakness

Ok, I think I ran out of things to say, but after a few of these, it got me really rolling on ideas of the kind of girl I am. 

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  1. I also love getting dressed up for fancy events, but am just as happy laying on the couch curled up in sweats :)

  2. P.S. You're always welcome here in sunny FL ;-)

    But I do plan on coming up to Chicago this summer so stay put for a few months lol

  3. I'm not a morning person. at. all and get annoyed when I wake up anytime before 9am on the weekends. lol

  4. What a great way to get to know you better. I'm the kind of girl who eats when I'm bored too. Never fun.
    xo TJ

  5. I love sleep and i am not a morning person. :D

  6. I too am the worst blanket stealer! My bf hates me for it :)