Thursday, February 13, 2014

Online Dating Stories {1}

Oh happy day...(can you tell I'm running out of ways to open the post yet). Well anyways, it's probably not news to you guys that I am an online dater, if you want to read a few of my past experiences, read here and here. Now I italicized that because I've only ever been on one date with someone from this dating site (I use Match, previously used Plenty of Fish and met someone for a while read here-wow that was a while ago, anyway). I've found it pretty hard to find some decent looking guys with the qualities that I look for and when I do find that, they end up living eleventy billion miles away.

Well I guess I can only keep trying, but in the meantime it calls for some pretty funny stories for you guys to hear. In the past few weeks I have gotten some pretty interesting (to say the least) emails from some wannabe suitors. For the sake of having some blog content I will break up the emails I get in different posts. I am putting these guys on blast because lets face it, the likelihood of them reading this here blog is slim to none and if on the weird chance they do, maybe they can gain some knowledge when sending their next email.

So here's the first victim..

Let's get started on this one shall we?

Well, for starters, HE SPELLED MY NAME WRONG!!! You have no idea how much it frustrates me when people spell my name wrong. Sure, if you just have one 'k' missing, no big deal, but seriously a 'y'?? How many Nikki's do you know who spell their names with a 'y' because I know ZERO! As soon as I saw my name spelled wrong, I knew it was only downhill from there. I didn't even give this loser a chance because well you failed the whole "reading my profile thing" because the correct spelling (incase you had any questions) is right there for all to see. 

Also the lack of punctuation in his message just bothers me, is that nit-picky, probably, but I don't care. Use. Proper. Grammar!!!

Next let's talk about how many emoticons are in this single email, THREE. That is far too many emojis in a first time email (note: two of them are winky emoji's, um ya no thanks).

Sorry foo, spelling my name wrong means I will not be "checking out your profile". I already know I will not get along with him seeing as he cannot spell my name right (am I harping on that enough?!?)

The next part (brownie points) might be more clear if you guys knew what my profile says since a lot of guys have been responding to that part in their emails.

(I know some of it is cheesy, but I think it catches your attention compared to some profiles I've read).

So what do you guys think of this dud? Should I have given him a second look (I honestly have not even read his profile or seen any more pictures because of the horrible first impression I got).

Also, if you guys just scroll back up a little and take a look at the top of email where it has a small pic with a preview of his bio, notice that he quoted himself in his "header". Ok now I'm just being nit-picky, I know.

Peace out girl scouts!
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  1. The first red flag before reading your paragraph below was that he spelled your name wrong. Nothing says educated and pays attention to detail/is interested like spelling someone's name wrong when it's right in front of them! He's obviously trying too hard, bless his heart! He reminds me of one of our friends who is just trying way too hard and it's painfully obvious to the girls in his path :-P

  2. i'm like you. if you can't spell or say my name right then you're just not for me. and well there's alot. and basically dating sites are freaking joke. I say that b/c i tried piles for over a year and a half and it never worked was always the same thing and you share you number and then later dont hear from the guy but then one day you do. and its a text that should've never been sent. I've tried okcupid, christian mingle, and eharmony and several others and to be they all suck ass.

  3. Ok spelling your name wrong, really?! Come on buddy, double check that!! I say he lost his chances, if he ever had any.