Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide For Mom With Jenn

Happy Friday friends! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, I know I did!! Stuffed myself silly and had a blast with my soon to be family! Today in honor of Black Friday (which I won't really be partaking in), I knew Jenn's holiday gift guide for the special mom(s) in your life would be perfect to get you guys jump started on gift ideas!


Hi there! I'm Jenn & I blog over at Crown Me In Glitter! I came to hang out over here while Nikki is traveling! Always willing to help a blog sista out :). Since the holidays are coming up and I seriously need to start shopping for my mama bear, I thought putting together a list would be super helpful, not only for me, but hopefully someone else!

*I must admit, like 99%..ok, 100% of items on this list I would also like, but I must. think. of. mom. Lets not be too selfish is the season for giving!

My mom is my best friend, and we like pretty much all of the same things so it's no surprise that I have some of these and/or want them!
I tried to find a little something from every major, jewelry, makeup, clothes. You know, the real essentials-hah!

So, I don't think I would put a name on here for my mom, but probably an important date. 
I love how personalized these can be, so I think I would put the day she became a grandmother-9/7/2014. Its also a conversation piece, as someone would see it and be curious about the date. 
Lord knows Mimi loves talking about her sweet grand baby, so I don't think she would have a problem with anyone asking her about Harper Love!
I. Love. These.
I think they are so simple & classic looking, but really jazz up any outfit. Even if its something simple like some jeans and white tee, earrings always pull an outfit together. 
These are just small enough that they aren't overwhelming, but also still make enough of a statement vs basic stud earrings. 
The color also goes with so much, its really a win-win all around!
This speaks for itself, really. 
Cozy-check. Warm-check. Cute-check. All my major priority groups are covered!
So, I wear my Hunters all the time & think they are really a great investment because they can be worn as both rain boots & snow boots. I know y'all know how expensive shoes can get, so any little bit helps! Just buy some cute boot socks to wear with them &'ve got yourself a double duty shoe! You can also purchase multiple pairs of the socks to really switch up your look depending on your outfit of the day! Holllaaaaa! 
I know my mom is always looking for something to brighten up her face and make her look "younger." I have found the answer, my friends!
This highlighter is amazing and looks fabulous on everyone I've seen it on. 
I love Jaclyn Hill so much & she has been to my go-to YouTube makeup guru for years now. So when I found out she was collaborating with Becca for her OWN highlighter, I hopped right on that train to get me some of that. I must say, I'm so happy with it and could wear it everyday.
Also, anyone heard of that new strobing look? This is perfect for that! 
For the skincare loving mama in your life, theres this perfect lotion/tinted moisturizer.
Have you heard of Josie Maran's famous argan oil? If not, you should look into it.
It has made such a difference in my skin, and I also got my mom hooked on the regular argan oil. I have been using this moisturizer for years for my daytime routine, but since she came out with this tinted one, its been on my wishlist. I think my mom would really like this, because she isn't super crazy about foundation and she has gorgeous skin. This evens out her skin tone just enough while keeping her skin smooth & moisturized! 

So theres that! Now that I've gotten it all written down, time to get to shopping! :)
Have fun & remember, it is the season for giving! Add some of these to your Christmas list & maybe you'll get lucky! 

Come visit me sometime & say hey! Have a great week & holiday! 
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