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Wedding Wednesday {P!nky Guest Posts}

Hey guys so I have a special guest today for Wedding Wednesday and I'm so excited for you guys to read about her wedding because it was seriously beautiful!! She gives some great advice so bride-to-be's take notes!!
P!nky take it away!

Hey, MakeupHER followers! My name is Pinky and I blog over at PinkPersistence and I am so excited to be guest posting here on Nikki's blog. When she offered to let me post about my wedding I did the happy dance because even though I'm 2+ years past my wedding, I still love talking about it, haha. Today I'm sharing a lil Q&A about our wedding and hope you enjoy reading. We threw our wedding together in seven short months, so it was quick but a ton of fun, too. Our wedding day was perfectly us and I totally would do it all over again if I could. :)!

When did you get married?

September 7, 2013. Best.Day.Ever!

How did you meet your husband?

We met playing KICKBALL on the National Mall. Yes, kickball, haha. We were both recruited by different people to join a DC team. I was recruited by a guy I didn't even know in my league, but something told me to say YES when he called to join his team. Obviously, God wanted me to meet Le Husband, but I just went into the new team hoping to make a few new friends. Le Husband and I didn't really talk too much the first few games, but one Thursday I met up with teammates before the game and had a couple glasses of wine [with no dinner]. He had some sick play at the plate that caught my attention so [using my liquid courage] I chatted him up at the bar that night. We started talking and hanging out and the rest is history. Crazy how a random kickball team brought me to the love of my life!

Engagement story?

Le Husband super surprised when he asked me to marry him. You can find the whole story *here* but here's the short version. We had talked about the next step, but he kept asking me WHAT kind of ring I wanted so I figured we weren't close to engagement. Little did I know, he had secretly talked to my sisters, had one of my grandmother's rings sent to a jeweler and asked my dad for my hand in marriage {swoon}. I had a soccer game on a Sunday, as my routine, and when I came home I stopped by his place because he had left a rose at my place. I walked in and the whole place was lit up with candles and decorated, but I still wasn't getting what was about to happen. It wasn't until he came over and kissed me and I smelled the whiskey on his breath that I KNEW, THIS WAS THE MOMENT. I remember everything from the night and was so thankful Le Husband allowed my sisters to wait downstairs so I could celebrate with them immediately after the proposal. They had a camera/video set up so I have the entire thing recorded for my memories. Everything about that night was perfect, I was so surprised and over the moon excited.

How many bridesmaids did you have and how did you go about choosing them?

I had four ladies in my wedding party. I knew I didn't want a big wedding party and just wanted the most important ladies in my life by my side. My two sisters were my Maids of Honor and my two best friends were the other two bridesmaids. I asked them all with a cute gift box. I bought them tanks, champagne and decorated a champagne flute, all wrapped up in a pretty package. I couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to stand beside me on my special day. They were all amazing throughout the whole process and I'm so thankful to have them all in my life.

What was the one thing you were most passionate about?( Flowers, DJ, Cake, etc)

Both Le Husband and I were on the same page with the understanding that getting married was MORE important than the wedding or the party. Period. But, we both wanted to have a fun celebration that everyone would enjoy. We both wanted a delicious cake/cupcakes [bad cake is the worst, suffered through one at a wedding last year, blech], delicious food and a fun atmosphere for all our guests. We didn't worry about the little things, but my mom did a lot of work to ensure everyone had the right rooms at the hotel and their welcome bags were received as soon as they checked into their rooms. Having a shuttle from the reception to the hotel was amazing, too. Guests didn't have to worry about driving or walking which was nice. People still tell us about how much fun they had at our wedding and that makes me so happy!

How long did it take you to find your wedding dress?

Honestly, it didn't really take me too long to find my dress. I booked my first wedding dress appointment the week we got engaged and went to David's Bridal to get a feel for what I wanted and what I looked like in certain styles. I originally wanted a Kate Middleton style dress with sleeves but couldn't find it in any stores. I tried on every other style at DB and actually tried on THE DRESS at my first appointment. Everyone agreed it was my dress [and a few cried when I came out, however I didn't] but I wanted to keep looking [silly girl]. I went to one more boutique found a dress that I thought might be it, but kept thinking about the DB dress. I made an appointment at both places on a Saturday and when I tried on the DB dress with a veil I cried, so boom, we had the dress!!!! I loved wearing it and how beautiful it made me feel!


Spill some deets that went on. We wanna hear drama.

I'm not a dramatic girl, so the drama was kept to a minimum. We had a bit of number shock when we realized we were sending out invitations to 250 people. YES, 250. Both Le Husband and I come from big families and of course EVERYONE had to be invited at the start. But, as usual, people weren't able to make it [no big deal] and the numbers weren't as crazy in the end. We were even able to invite some extra kickball friends at the end, which was so awesome. The only other drama was a exfriend that brought her wedding drama to both my bridal shower AND MY bachelorette party. #classyright. I'm all about supporting a friend, but when you're demanding attention at your friend's party your true colors become a bit obvious. Both episodes helped me realized I needed to end the friendship because it was just too much drama from one person. It was very apparent she wasn't interested in the advice people gave her [same thing EVERY-TIME she told the story], but rather enjoyed the attention she received re-telling her drama. If it you walk like drama and talk like drama, you're drama and I don't need it in my life. #peaceout

What was them most awkward thing about wedding planning?

I didn't really find anything awkward about wedding planning. I will say that having people tell you they are coming to your wedding to your face and then send an RSVP as no is kind of weird. A 40 year old coworker of mine [who was a friend at the time] told me she and her husband and kid would be there but then RSVP'd no and never responded to my inquires via our work IM system. Needless to say, we aren't friends anymore because that's just rude. Two weeks before the wedding we realized we were going to be cutting it close to the minimum so I physically called a few friends that we weren't able to invite in the beginning. I felt a little awkward since we were so close to the wedding, but everyone was so incredibly gracious that it ended up not being that awkward. My friends are quite amazing.

What was your color scheme and what made you choose it?

Even though our wedding was in a fall month, we wanted to have a brightly colored wedding. I'm obviously a pink girl, but wanted to let Le Husband have some say in the wedding color scheme. I found different pink wedding schemes on Pinterest and then asked him which combination he liked the most. He chose the bright, light green as our complementary color. We decided the rest of the colors using *this* pin and brought in some oranges and yellows, too. Le Husband is NOT a tux guy so we went with grey suits which were purchased at Men's Warehouse. As the groom's gift, Le Husband paid for half of the suits which the guys really appreciated. I loved our color combination and our florist did an amazing job with the different colors in the bouquets. The bright colors looked amazing the day of and I love how happy our pictures turned out.

If you don't mind sharing what was your budget and did you stay on track?

My parents were incredible and substantially helped us out for our wedding. They gave us a budget and anything over we had to pay for ourselves. I was under budget on my dress, right at budget on my flowers, and way under budget on our cake/cupcakes. I will admit that I DIDN'T keep track of small incidentals so I can't 100% exactly where we stood with the complete budget, but I know we were pretty close to it.

If you could do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

I don't think I would do much differently if I had to live the day over again. I think I would have tried to get more formal family pictures, but I'm not sure that would have been possible given our timeline. Instead of pictures at the church, the wedding party headed into DC to get pictures at the Jefferson Monument. Since the mall was a significant piece of how we met, we both felt it was important to have pictures taken there. Plus, the background was AMAZING!

What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

Feeling surrounded in LOVE all day long. Seriously, from the moment I woke up I was surrounded in love. There were text messages from family, everyone was so excited getting ready in the morning and walking into the church I caught a glimpse of all our guests seated to watch us get married. I was so happy and smiling all day and I LOVED that feeling. I also loved the five minutes after the ceremony because Le Husband and I hid from everyone and had a quiet moment to ourselves. We just chatted about everyday things and just reveled in the fact we were married. Those five minutes are five of my favorite moments of the day and I highly suggest every bride does the same thing, you'll love it!

What was the most stressful thing about your wedding day?

I'm not a details person, at all.  I like planning, but all the itty, bitty details and phone calls are so not my forte. I'm good at the big picture and the big list, so I hired a wedding planner for the last two months of planning. Best decision, EVER! It was so nice NOT having to worry about ANYTHING the day off and our planners did such an amazing job. I highly, highly recommended getting a wedding planner, even just the day of the wedding.

What is the best piece of advice for future brides out there?

Enjoy E V E R Y T H I N G! Wedding planning is stressful, but it's also so much fun. I loved everything about being engaged and counted down the days till I married the man of my dreams. The week before my wedding was the best week, ever and it was so full of love and fun. Remember that your wedding isn't a performance and it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks/wants. Your wedding and reception is about YOU and your GROOM, so remember to take the time to enjoy the special moments. Also, remember something will go wrong on your day, so handle it and move on without freaking out too much. We had a few you can read about *here* and I just rolled with them. You can also find my "Dos & Don'ts" post *here*. Remember the reason you're getting married, and how much you love your soon to be spouse.<3 p="">


Seriously how beautiful did P!nky look at her wedding?! I looooooove her dress, looks awesome on her and the style photographed extremely well with all the monuments around! Also, she planned in 7 months?! How how how did you get everything done in that time. I'm less than 8 months out and have sooooo much still left to do!


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  1. Our weddings were just 6 days apart! I love the advice about enjoying everything. The whole day comes and goes quicker than you could ever imagine so I think it's so important to really take time to slow down and enjoy the whole day! I was the girl who got back to the hotel room after our wedding and promptly bursted into tears because my entire year of planning just went by in the blink of an eye. Haha it was a dramatic moment!

    1. Yup, me too. I teared up and my husband was like 'really'?!?!?

  2. Love this! We started out wanting about 150 invites...and now we have around 220 - oops. But we're hoping that our guest list resolves itself in time :) Thanks for sharing. - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

    1. No worries, enjoy the fun and the group of people! Big weddings are a great time!

  3. Oh I loved reading about Pinky's wedding! Sounds magical...

    1. Thanks so much, lady! It was a magical day!

  4. I loved seeing all of Pinky's wedding photos!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Aw such a sweet and romantic love story! You all had a beautiful wedding!

  6. Gorgeous pics! I love that you met playing kickball, and how amazing are those bridesmaid gifts?!

    Green Fashionista

    1. Thanks so much, lady! You are so sweet!

  7. Thank you for letting me guest post! <3