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April Favorites: All about the lips

Your mouth/lips say a lot about you to a person. Laugh lines, cracked lips, lip stain, glosses, sticks, whatever you use everyone is always worried about making sure their lips are well moisturized and look plump and full. I am thankful that I was given beautiful full and plump lips, so I don't use many lip plumpers or products that promise more fuller looking lips. I don't really even tend to wear many lip colors because I don't like to draw too much attention to the lips, but I do make sure my lips are always moisturized and have some sort of gloss on 'em. In the past I have just grabbed a pack of chapsticks and made sure they were evenly distributed having one in my makeup bag, one in my work locker, another in my purse and even one on my nightstand just so I would always have some sort of access to chapstick. Now more and more I have ventured out into different balms, butters, and lipsticks. The lip products I'm gonna go over in this post vary in brand, price, and what they offer for your lips, but I love and use them all (of course, not all at once).

The first is just a simple lip balm that I have seen more and more women using. It is oddly shaped and at first I thought it looked a little ridiculous and then one day on impulse while waiting in line at the store it was there and I figured why the hell not, the worst that could happen is that I hate it and I'm out $2.99. 

So this is the eos Strawberry Sorbet organic lip balm sphere and it's basically just a clear balm that really does the job of keeping your lips nice and moisturized and it does add a little shine to your lips without overdoing it. The balm comes in so many different flavors and for the affordable price tag you can't go wrong with having a few of these around.

The next is another lip balm made from Maybelline and it's their baby lips collection. I actually saw an ad in a magazine and thought these were cute esp in the different colors and convenient size. I think I went to about 5 different stores and they were sold out everywhere! I couldn't believe it, then I finally drove about 10 miles away (trust me it was totally worth it) and I found the colors that I really wanted. The ones I got are in pink punch (#25) and peach kiss (#30), these are really cute and fun colors for the summertime and surprisingly all year long if you wanted. 

The pink punch balm is a flirty color that you can wear to a day at the beach, out on a date, or out at night. It isn't too pigmented where it looks super pink but it does give sort of a sheer factor to your lips with a great pink color.

The peach kiss is a bit of an everyday balm because it has a sheerness to it with added shimmer so you can wear it day or night at work or going out. The great thing about these balms is that they are supercharged with moisture on your lips so not only are you getting a great color, but you are getting essentially, baby lips.

The last of the lip balm category that I have is from L'oreal Paris Color Riche balm collection. The color I fell in love with is Tender Mauve (#518) and I love any color that has a neutral quality in them, a color that can essentially be worn with all colors and I believe this one is a shade that goes with everything. I got this because I had a coupon for a L'oreal cosmetic and decided to try it and with the $5.99 price tag you can't go wrong. One of my favorite things about this balm is that it gives your lips a great color, but it feels like silk on your lips and it has SPF 15 in it to so it's healthy for your lips! If you are searching for a great lipstick/balm then I highly suggest getting yourself a few because they have a great range of colors as well, I will definitely be getting this color and more in the future. 

The final 2 lip products I have for this month are lipsticks from NYX which I bought from Ulta. I love both of these lip shades and they look great. 

The first one is called Thalia (#529) and this is apparently a popular shade because I had to call a couple different Ulta stores to find it in stock. It is an awesome color to wear when your going out and it matches with just about everything, it again has a purple-ish color to it and it finishes glossy and not sticky so you don't need to put a gloss over it. I would recommend just putting a clear chapstick or balm (like the eos Strawberry sorbet) on before the lipstick just for longer lasting color. With this color a little bit goes a long way because it is pretty pigmented when it's on your lips.

The second one is called Heather (#623) and this color is like a rosy red or pink color and it is perfect for a date night because of the romantic appeal of it. It again is really pigmented so a little goes a long way and you won't need any top gloss unless you like extra shine, but again I recommend just using a base chapstick or balm since it is a lipstick.

Well I think I covered a lot of different lip products so I hope you found something you liked or got out of this and hopefully if I get some more next month I can share those with you!

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