Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So for my first (real) post I wanted to post a video I put up on Youtube.com, this is the first video I've ever done and it's a hair tutorial.  I don't think I have great hair by any means, but I have tricks up my sleeve to make it look like it. So this video sort of explains it all, but here is just a little bit more in case you were wondering.  So I'm using a Revlon VolumeStay Hot air kit that I bought from Ulta.
Revlon Hot Air Styling Kit 

It's fairly cheap and with their coupon you can't beat the price for the quality your getting. What this styler basically does is it blow dries your hair while styling it all at once. It is a little tricky to use at first but once you get the hang of how it works on your hair you can come up with a technique that works best for you. Like I say in the video, you do not have to use any hair products, but what I would recommend is first starting off with a Heat Protectant Spray you can use any brand you prefer, but I have always loved Tresemme products for my hair. After I finish styling my hair in the video I show a John Freida Smoothing creme that helps with the frizz and flyaways at the root of your hair. Just using a small quarter size amount and working that through your hair will go a long way.  Again, you don't need to use the smoothing creme, but if you notice flyaways and don't want a hairspray feeling then the John Freida is great. I hope this video is helpful for anyone who wants to do something different to their hair without it being impossible. I am not a hair expert by any means ( I can curl, braid, and flat iron my hair), but with this styler you can have hair that looks great! Here is my video that I made to be a tutorial on how to use this product. 

What I didn't include in the video was a proper before/after picture, but here is a picture of what my hair looks like before (wet and slightly wavy) and then after (gorgeous and easy curls). If anyone (who actually reads this blog) has any questions at all, leave me a comment on either the blog post, youtube video, or you can always email me nikkipatel1988@gmail.com! Thanks ya'll for reading this!

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