Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New shoes

So today I picked up some lovely new shoes and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are by far the most comfortable dressy shoes I've ever owned. I am going out to dinner with my cousin and his fiance this weekend downtown and decided I needed a pair of black suede wedge heels to complete my outfit and was on the hunt for a great pair. When on the hunt, I stumbled upon Payless and found the exact pair that I was looking for and they were on sale for only $19.99! Now knowing this and needing them in such a short amount of time, I had a feeling I just wouldn't find them in stores, but I took my chance anyway and went to my local Payless store and luckily they had the exact pair and in my size!

I went home and immediately tried them on with my entire outfit and they matched exactly as I imagined them to in my head. I am relieved because I am the type of person who gets an idea of an outfit and I need every component of that outfit to work and when it does (like in this case) it's great, but in some cases when it doesn't, it does suck because the whole concept of the outfit goes awry. Anyway besides the shoes nothing else really going on. In a future blog I will be doing a tutorial on how to get super easy curly waves using a hair dryer diffuser in less than 10 mins! Also in a future blog, I'm going to be going to Sephora in the next few days to stock up on some makeup that is running a bit low and also trying to venture out into some other products so I will be doing a blog on that as well. So, until then!

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  1. Adorable blog!!

    Ashton from:

  2. Cute shoes. Your blog is sweet. I'll be back.

  3. Thanks Ashton, love your blog as well!

    The Management, thanks, I love them and thanks for the sweet comment, I will also check out your blog!!