Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hump day

As I sit here enjoying my yummy and delicious bowl of reese's cereal I decided it would be the perfect time to write another blog post. See I told you I would get better at this keeping up thing, granted it is only the 2nd day. Well today was just another day at work, a little bit more frustrating I think, but nonetheless it ended and I was onto the rest of my day. I actually did something that I have been thinking about doing for quite some time now, going back to school to further my education and after meeting with an academic advisor, I found that this dream may become a reality pretty shortly. More on that once I get closer to taking the classes and whatnot, I am sure I won't enjoy it that much when I am back studying all the time. Afterwards, I went over to my favorite store, Target to pick up a few items. Nothing major just needed some more heat protectant spray and I opted for a different one since they didn't have the one I normally use. So I picked up this little number.
Aussie heat protecting shine spray
About $3.00!!
Besides the spray I got some vitamin water and more cereal! All in all I would say it was a good shopping time, afterwards I had a few more quick errands to run and once I finally got home I couldn't wait to change out of my work clothes into some comfortable sweats! I had been wanting to just get home and relax the moment I got into work. Tomorrow I have a much deserved and necessary day off from work and even though I may not be working I will have to go back to the hospital to go for a doctor's appointment. Well the weather is supposed to be nicer so that should be a good thing, maybe I can get a walk/run in if the weather permits. Well today was just another boring day I suppose, but tomorrow is yet another day. So until then!

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