Friday, May 11, 2012

April Favorites: E.L.F Edition

So lately I have been hearing a lot of great news about e.l.f products which are super affordable and from the sounds of reviews I've read pretty great quality. You also get a generous quantity of product for the affordable price you pay for. So far I've gotten all my products from Target because I don't really like shopping for makeup online, but you can get stuff from the website. What I learned about the products (in stores, at least) is that the most expensive any product gets is $10, just to give you a price range of their line.


So this is the e.l.f blush in tickled pink #11205, what I like is not only the $3 price tag for their studio line, but the blush itself is a really nice silky pigmented color. The color of the pink gives your cheeks a great flush which looks really natural. I also like that there is a bit of shimmer hidden in the color which is a nice finish once it's on, but it's not overly shimmery either.

The 2nd product is  the e.l.f beauty book in a neutral eye set. It's awesome and at $5 it includes a lot; 6 shadows, 1 primer, 1  eyeliner, 1 eyeshadow applicator. Inside the book it also includes a step by step guide to how to apply the perfect eye makeup which is great for a novice. I included some swatches of the shadow colors (sorry for the lighting, some of the colors are just not dark enough).


I haven't used all of the colors but I have used the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th colors combined to do a neutral eye and along with the primer (which I will talk more about next) it lasted through the night with minimal creasing and smudging.

So like I mentioned before, next up is the e.l.f eyelid primer. Now I know in the beauty eye book a small version of the primer is included, but I liked it so much that I had to get the regular size and for just $1 it is definitely a steal. So I never really used a eyelid primer before a few months ago, but after watching a lot of eye makeup tutorial I noticed a trend of using the primer and definitely saw a difference in my shadow lasting longer with the primer as opposed to without.


I swatched the primer on my wrist just to show you the color, but it does blend into your skin and it becomes translucent. TIP: If you have never used a primer on your eyelid then just remember you place it on your entire lid and brow bone BEFORE placing any eye makeup including liner and mascara.

Next is e.l.f tone correcting concealer and my shade is an apricot beige #10506, I sort of just guessed my shade and hoped it was the correct one. Luckily for me, the color was a perfect match. Now this concealer I mainly got to use for under my eyes. After applying my foundation I noticed my under eye area was still a little darker and with this concealer I just apply a thin line with the brush and blend with my finger and it sort of just matches up with your skin tone and I noticed it does a little highlight underneath which I think is great!


The final item in this post is the e.l.f studio makeup mist & set with aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins A, C & E. This product is a godsend! Basically the easiest way to explain it is to use it as a hairspray for your face. A few pumps 6-12" away from your face and it will hold your makeup in place for the day/night. I mostly use this if I am going to an event or going out at night and it has worked for me so far and I cannot rave about it more. I have told a lot of my friends who complain about makeup smudging or smearing throughout the day, especially in the hot summertime. And for $3 for a 2 oz bottle you can't go wrong, I have one of my makeup bag and another in my purse!


So, I think I've gone over some great e.l.f products and I will do another post another day about other April favorites that I've picked up!

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