Monday, May 14, 2012

Nails Nails Nails

I am pretty obsessive when it comes to my nails, I feel like they need to always be painted with either a cute color or some sort of clear gloss. I feel like people don't care about their nails and when others look at chipped, unclipped, and plain nasty looking nails they make a quick judgement about your hygiene. What other people may not know is the health benefits of keeping your nails clean because if you don't clean and take care of your nails you can risk getting bacteria and that turning into an infection. Just simply filing the nails and soaking it in warm water to push back cuticles and putting a coat of clear gloss can do a lot for the appearance of your nails. I'm gonna post pictures and brand/colors of each of the recent and favorite colors I have in my huge polish collection. Hope you take some time out and paint your nails in a cute color and even do a design if your skilled enough! For all of the nails I have used Sally Hansen's double duty strengthening base & top coat both before polish and afterwards using it as a glossy finish.


1. Use as a base coat along with a finish on top of the polish.
2. Two coats of polish and it spread very evenly and color came up super vibrant.
3. One coat worked perfect, but be careful of wiping polish from brush lays on kinda thick.
4. Two solid and even coats with an amazing finish and gorgeous color.
5. Two coats because polish is fairly sheer w/ one coat. Love the shimmery gold specks.
6. Two solid and even coats with a fantastic finish to it.
7. Two coats of polish came on nice and glossy before using top coat.
8. One coat applies evenly and somewhat blotchy but with top coat finishes better.
9. Two coats work great but it somewhat looked blotchy and sheer.

Hope this post helped you pick some great colors out for this season and also what you can wear all year long.

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