Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor Talk & Tuesday Topics

Hey friends! I really am over the whole being cold thing already. Last night after getting off work I had the immense pleasure of de-icing my car. In case you forget I live in Chicago and although we have gotten extremely lucky with the decent winter weather, the past few days took a turn for the bitter cold. Imagine if someone dumped water all over your car and it froze. Yeah, that's what my car looked like. It took about an hour and a lot of wasted gas to finally clean it up. This was me after this lame task.

I wasn't too pleased...hot cocoa was much needed tho.

Well onwards & upwards to some necessary Bachelor gab. I was taking some diligent notes during the episode and never realized how annoying it was, but I wouldn't remember if I didn't. Here were my thoughts:

I love all the clips they keep showing of Sean pumping iron. I'm thinking they made some sort of deal with him about not wearing a shirt 95% of the show, I have NO objection to this being a thing and welcome it!

I like her, really I do, even with her semi-annoying voice. Sean picked her up in a helicopter and they did a free fall 300 ft off a skyscraper which looked like a blast, although terrifying. I do think her pity party for herself is getting pretty damn annoying, we get it girlfriend you got one arm, cry me a river, actually don't, just get over it. I don't think anyone is making a bigger deal of the fact that she has one arm besides her. She addressed her one arm as the white elephant in the room the first time she got some private time with Sean and that should have been the last time it should be brought up. Sean looks awkward whenever she talks about it now and I think he would prefer her to stop talking about her "disability". Sarah is such a gorgeous girl and they look really great together. They have a chemistry, but I hope her little self pity doesn't put a demise on this growing relationship. She got the first Sean-initiated kiss, but I think she is jumping the gun by saying she's falling in love with him since she's only known him for about 5 minutes. 

Group Date

I really liked this idea for a group date and it was cool that they would pick one winning shot to be covers on actual books. Homegirl aka Kristy was already getting REALLY annoying. I really think she was starting to get obnoxious with the whole 'look at me I'm a model, I'm gonna win this blah blah'. Kristy, keep your damn clothes on and maybe seem interested in Sean rather than winning some stupid picture contest, I'm anticipating her leaving reeeeal soon. I think her winning the cover is just about all she's gonna get out of this experience, go back to Wisconsin girlfriend. 

Tierra just has GOT to go. She is of course labeled as the bitch of the season, there is always one or two and she made herself known early on. She is clearly only there to win the guy and that's perfectly ok, but she is such a fake I can't believe that Sean is falling for it. I kinda just want to go up to him and shake him and some other things to be like what are you thinking having her around. He thinks she doesn't have a catty side, but I sure hope he gets to see it come out soon, by the previews of the season, I sure hope so. I also hate how jealous Tierra got, if she can't handle the whole aspect of the show, well they she can just leave now. 

Speaking of girls leaving, Katie {the 80's hair yoga instructor} voluntarily left the show because she felt like the odd duck out, well good thing she was right. If I were Sean, I would have been pissed because she just wasted a spot on the date where another girl could have gotten a chance. 

I absolutely love Lesley M. and am hoping she sticks around until the end. I think her and Sean have some intense chemistry and it was super evident in their posing for the pictures. The staged kiss definitely made the other girls bring their claws out and if I were them I would worry about her being a front runner. I did however think the awkward kiss dance was unnecessary, and then she got smart and realized she should have just kissed him. 

Oh, Kacie B! I absolutely love her!! She is such a southern sweetheart, but I still don't know why Sean keeps saying things like I can't believe you're actually here, she came there for you get over it Sean and accept it already! He also keeps calling her a friend and I'm hoping him giving her the rose on the group date was his way of saying you are out of the friend zone.

That chick Daniella, I didn't like her from the beginning, and it looks like I made a good decision not to. She is a friggin' lush. How much alcohol are they passing out this season, do they think the girls have to be drunk to be around Sean, if anything it should be the other way around. You could just see the glazed over look in her eyes progressively through the night and I don't get why she is even around. Hot messes don't tend to stick around too long, so before long she will be saying her goodbyes to her glasses of alchy Sean.

I think this girl is adorable and has a dream job as a bridal stylist. I also think the date Sean took her on where he was going to play a prank on her with the help of the producers and Chris Harrison is pretty hilarious, especially because she had some pretty high expectations of her date. Sean felt really guilty, but it was too funny not to do. She was an absolute great sport about the whole ordeal so kudos to her. She does however have some awkward facial expressions. I would melt if I got to hear "let's go back to my place" from Sean, sigh! I think these two have a lot in common and I'm rooting for them, but based on the previews for the season it looks like she has an ex who isn't over her and comes back to get her, so I guess we will have to see what the drama is all about. 

Cocktail Party
I actually really like Lindsey now without that ridiculous wedding dress, I think she was stupid for doing that and on top of that getting drunk by the end of the night. I'm telling you, unlimited booze enticed many of these chicks. I am glad Sean kept her around because they definitely have some sort of chemistry together. 

I also like Catherine a lot. I think that girl is gonna go very far, I'll even go as far as saying she'll go as far as the hometown dates! She seems very down to earth and genuine so I'm definitely rooting for her to go all the way, let's see how right my prediction is.

Amanda is just a nutcase. Plain and simple. She was being a sourpuss for NO apparent reason and it was just annoying to see. These girls need to stop acting dumb, it doesn't suit them well. I was SHOCKED that she actually got a rose at the end, definitely did a WTF at the TV. 

I thought it was kinda cute that Robyn was shy to ask about the whole ethnic interest of Sean. He actually seemed excited to answer her questions because quite frankly, it's obvious that the bachelor/ette doesn't have a lot of different races on the show. And the fact that he has dated girls from different ethnic backgrounds is awesome. Hi Sean, have you ever dated an Indian girl? Come on over my way! 

Selma is very pretty, but I don't know how well they go together. She seems kind of slow upstairs, but let's see how long she sticks around. 

I'm revealing the girls that got sent home

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The Austin Family Diary

eight TV Shows:

1. Grey's Anatomy

I have loved this show from the very beginning. I cannot and will not stop watching this show. I really hope Shonda keeps this show going around for a loooong time, but I know every good thing needs to come to an end and hope they do this amazing show justice by ending it well.

2. The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling is my absolute favorite. She is hilarious and so completely relate-able. I have been in love with this show since the pilot and hope it has a very long run on TV. If you don't watch this show, go run and catch up, new episode tonight :)!

3. Scandal

Well, Shonda does it again with this show. I love Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. This show has so many twists and turns and it keeps me on the edge of my seat every single episode. Such a good story line and cannot wait to see where the show goes in the coming season.

4. Pretty Little Liars

I'd never read the books, but this show is amazing. I know so many people that watch this show and are obsessed, I'm in the same boat. It is edgy and perfect and cannot wait to see what happens this season!! 

5. Modern Family

Funny funny funny!! I love the characters in this show and each and every week they have me coming back for more laughs. I don't like the new Lily because she is a little bitchy, but I guess her character needed some growth. 

6. Revenge

Umm, sexy and rich people in the Hamptons, yes please! This show is great and I absolutely cannot get enough of this story line. The direction this show has gone has shocked me and continues to do so every Sunday.

7. Suits

Two sexy lawyers ok so one of them isn't really one, details and the high-powered life is showcased exceptionally in this show. I love Harvey Specter and can't wait for hiatus to be back this tv season!

8. Nashville

Country music and hot guys, yes! I didn't know how I would feel about this show, but Connie Britton is great and I even like Hayden's character, it really suits her well, in a good way. The men in this show are great to look at and the story line is very interesting too.

What are your guys' top 8 shows. I actually thought this would be a harder list to compile, but I just took a look at what shows I absolutely loved to come back and watch each week. 

Helene in Between

Peace out girl scouts!


  1. suits,nashville are GREAT!

    i used to watch greys but then it got to be too much drama and way too many characters plus it felt like no one could be happy or have a normal relationship lol.

    the mindy project is HILARIOUS,love her!

    i have to watch revenge,asap! everyone keeps raving about it.

  2. Hey there - new follower from the linkup. Love your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!

  3. Modern Family. Love it! Lily is annoying though...totally agree!

  4. oh I'm SO HAPPY that tv's back. though I don't watch The Bachelor.... but I love the mindy project & modern family :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    {PS - I'm giving away a fitness journal. Would love to have you win!}