Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekly What?

Hey girl {and potential guys} hey! I know you all must be thinking, what the heck is this girl doing posting on a Saturday, that's a big blogging no-no. Today is different because one of my bloggy bff's and 2 other awesome co-hosts are rolling out their brand spankin' new link-up called Weekly What? The idea behind this is basically to recap all of your posts from the week to make it easier for your readers to catch up from a one stop shop of sorts. I am in love with this idea and know that I will utilize this with other blogs because there are times during the week that I just can't catch up with blogging. I am so glad there is finally a link up where this is possible so thanks to the wonderful hosts, Jenn @ Party of OneAllie @ Tales of a Twenty Something and Ricci @ A Beautiful Mess.


I suggest all you pretties go type up a post and link up because before you know it, this is going to be a hot link up in the blogging world! Here is the recap of my week in blogging!

Sunday Social Post : All about 3's, such as favorite 3 foods, shows, places to visit, etc.

No post, womp womp

Facts of Life: Nikki's Edition : I joined Whitney on this one day link up stating interesting {or not} factoids about me!

If I Were A Boy... : I linked up with Erin for this fun prompt on what I would do if I were a boy, very interesting perspective, but I found out in the end I love being a girl!

Nikki Lately : I haven't done a post on what's been going on in my life so far, so I decided to let you guys in a bit, check out what I've been up to!

Nail Files : I linked up with Tara & Vicki for my weekly Nail Files report, this week I went into spring mode a bit early, check it out! 

So what have you lovers been up to this week, get your post up and ready to link up with these fabulous ladies. If I haven't convinced you enough, maybe them giving one lucky {random} winner a $30 paypal cash or gift card {of the winner's choosing} will sweeten the deal, you know how much damage can be done with $30!!! 


  1. YAY! Thanks for linking up with us, Nikki! It was great to be able to look at all your posts from the whole week :) So, so glad you joined us!

  2. LOVE that purple nail polish and the If I was a Boy post :)

    THANK YOU for linking up!!!