Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social {Week 33}

Happy Sunday lover faces! I hope you all are having fantastic weekends so far and I'm jealous for any of you who are off tomorrow, I'll unfortunately be working, but fortunately making time and a half for doing so! I guess that's not a bad trade off! This week's Sunday Social topics are all about 3's, which is personally my favorite number. I'm not sure why 3 is my favorite number, but for as long as I could remember, I've liked it. How ironic or not is it that it is week 33 and the topic is all about 3's! Anywho, linking up with these prettyful ladies Neely & the lady with a new blog name, Ashley!

Sunday Social

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food:
[] Italian 
[] Mexican 
[] North Indian foods {yes there is a difference in foods in the north part of India and the south part}

2. First 3 things you do in the morning:
[] Check my emails
[] Brush my teeth
[] Shower

3. Last 3 things you do at night:
This is hard to answer because I sleep at the most random times since I'm a night owl, but these are the 3 things that is consistently done before bed each night:

[] Wash my face {has made a world of difference on my acne}
[] set my alarm for the next day
[] browse Pinterest {no joke, this is done pretty much each night. Hi, I'm Nikki & I'm a Pinterest addict}

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss:
Well earlier in the week I did a Tuesday Topics post on my top 8 TV shows here, but to narrow down to shows that I cannot miss week to week here are my top 3:

[] Grey's Anatomy
[] The Mindy Project
[] Modern Family

5. 3 places you want to visit:
and move to

[] Australia

[] Bora Bora

[] Fiji

Wouldn't you want to run away to any of these 3 paradises??

6. 3 people you can always count on:

[] These two loverbirds of mine, Pri {left} & Het {middle}. They are my lifeline and the reason why I stay sane 99.9% of the time. They also find it acceptable to drink during awkward social situations. Most definitely the two people I would call in any situation to help me out.

[] My baby sister, who I've talked about a countless number of times. She is just irreplaceable in my life and I know she's one of the people I count on most in life.

[] I'm gonna cheat a little bit and list 2 other people in my life who are critical in my life {besides my parents of course}. My 2 cousins. We all actually didn't meet until 5 years ago {long story}, but we have been inseparable {minus the fact that we all live in 3 diff states} ever since. If I need advice on boys, clothes, life I call/text them both and get a response immediately. 
^This gorgeous gal is having her 2nd baby boy this week!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my answers, even if I did cheat a little on the last one. Oh well, my blog my rules, nana nana boo boo! Alright I'll see ya'll on the flip side!


  1. Bora Bora looks amazing! I really love north Indian food too! :) Anything with roti thank you! :D

  2. I would love to go to Fiji, or Australia!! I need to find out what type of Indian food I've been eating because I really like it but I don't know if it is north or south Indian food!