Monday, October 20, 2014

Biggest Fear

We all have fears in our lives and some of us have to deal with it either on a daily basis or at least frequently enough. 

Like many people I have a bunch of fears, but most of them I can deal with. There is definitely one thing I cannot deal with.


I absolutely despise spiders and any creepy crawlers for that matter. I've had so many encounters and even the number of times the pest control guy has come sprayed the house, they seem to weasel their way back in our house just waiting for me to yell "MOM!! Another one, come quick!!!!!" It's usually much more panicked than it sounds in text. 

I know a lot of people (see: everyone) doesn't care for spiders and if someone does like them, don't trust em.  I've already made it clear to A that we need to have pest control on speed dial, but he has assured me that Houston isn't rampant with spiders like Chicago which is kind of a relief. Knowing my luck, they'll just follow me down there.

At the expense of freaking everyone, including myself, I will refrain from any spiders pictures.
You're welcome.

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  1. Somehow I can deal with spiders but frogs, NO WAY!!! lol