Saturday, October 11, 2014

If I Were POTUS...

Hello Saturday, I've missed you. Today is all about catching up on my beauty sleep because I've been everything but lately. Side note guys, I got a potential dream job this week and I'm so excited to start, but it also means full time so buh bye sleep and social life (I know so many people work full time, but working with patients that much wears a girl out, so let me complain here).

Anywho...onto me getting comfy in another job I'd never really want. So what I would do if I were President is:

-Run around the White House in my PJs and jumping on all the beds
-Get Taco Bell delivered on the daily because, duh!

Ok, let's get for realsies on what I'd really do if I were POTUS:

-Start drug testing everyone that lined up for welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, basically any sort of government aid.

-I'd bring back the death penalty in some states because that ish is necessary for some of the sickos that get the potential of parole because the death penalty isn't an option.

-I would redefine our healthcare system because currently it sucks major balls. Working in healthcare I've seen a lot of good and deserving people get denied from necessary tests because of insurance companies. On the other hand, some not so deserving see lazy people get every single stinkin test under the sun paid for in full when they don't even need most of them. Insurance companies can go suck it because they rule the healthcare system, I'd change that ish asap. 

-Next I would work on helping new and current college students be able to afford college. The prices of some of these colleges are just ridonkulous and that needs to change, people cannot afford college because of these crazy high tuitions. There needs to be some sort of regulating done to change that. I've had to sacrifice a great school because I simply couldn't afford to pay for it nor did I want to be in debt for the rest of my life, $45,000 a year ya no thanks. 

-Last, but certainly not least, I would bring the troops all back home. I honestly don't see any point in having any of our troops in Afganistan/Iran/Iraq/Syria/wherever the heck they are now. I'd bring them home and back to their families, no more troops deserve to die with no war going on, simple as that.

I know the President's job is hard as hell and I could have very well turned this into a funny post and continued on with the Taco Bell delivery thing (don't worry that's still gonna happen), but I think these points are valid and need to be fixed. Hopefully, our future President(s) can help fix these problems and then some.

POTUS out.


Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. I like how you actually answered the question! Honestly, you have some good ideas (and I'm with ya on the healthcare.. haha!) xo