Thursday, October 30, 2014

Facts About Nikki

Hey friends! I cannot believe this is the 2nd to the last post for BlogTober & second of all I cannot believe I have participated in almost every day of this. It has seriously been so much fun, I always felt like I totally had to post because the prompts have been so fun and creative. 

Speaking of, let's get moving onto today's prompt.

[1] I need coffee in the a.m. or I'm a grouch

[2] I hate hate hate creepy crawly things, especially spiders

[3] I have over 50 cousins

[4] I can't (see: won't) leave my house with some sort of makeup on my face

[5] I'm super detail-oriented to the point where I think I'm OCD sometimes

[6] I'm a sucker for any love story (especially mine hehe)

[7] I feel extremely awkward & anxious in new or uncomfortable situations

[8] Music can fix just about any problem in my life

[9] I'm obsessed with Target

[10] I'm a complete girly girl, but can def dish it with the guys & watch football on Sundays

[11] I'm not a huge hard liquor fan, I much prefer white wine or champs (preferable with OJ)

[12] I secretly love selfies, don't hate me

[13] I constantly dream about moving to Texas

[14] I'm a huge procrastinator

[15] I'm a total night owl

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. I love all your facts especially about music fixing your problems, I totally agree! I am so glad I found you through blogtober, I really enjoyed reading your posts this month!