Saturday, October 18, 2014

Secrets, secrets...

Telling a secret can set you free is what they say. When I tackled this prompt, I was unsure what to share with you guys. When I finally thought up of something, I realized that it's not really a super secret as many girls may do this as well. But without further ado...

I have many aspects of my wedding planned already!

Ya I'm sure many girls have things that they want out of their wedding, but I'm talking a little bit more than the norm. After meeting A, I knew almost immediately that this was the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Cue the aww's I know, but the saying is real when you know, you know

At the time that we first started dating, my friends were in full wedding planning mode and I felt a bit left out. I went to a few different venues with my best friend and fell completely in love with one and I know I will be getting married there in the next few years. So just like that, the future venue was chosen. After finding out some of the details of the venue like number of guests, costs, etc., the next logical step for me was creating a 'mock' guest list. 

The guest list was difficult, Indian weddings are large and mine would be no exception much to my dismay. I sat down with my mom one night and made this guest list of mine. Let's just say I was able to keep it under 300 for my me this is a huge accomplishment.

With helping friends plan their weddings I'm gaining ideas and vendor contacts which is great and I am collecting cards and ideas of what I want specifically. I do have a little notebook with my ideas, song ideas, cake flavors, etc. But of course I don't have things set in stone, however I do think having the knowledge I have will definitely help me when I am setting things in stone in the future.

Here are some of my favorite ideas pinned on my Pinterest boards.
*Some images are from my secret board*

Oh and let's be real, I've had my ring picked out for quite some time...isn't she pretty???


So does this secret make me crazy? I hope your answer is no, lol!

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