Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bachelorette Dish Week 9

Hey everyone! I have been trying to get this post up all darn day. I have been having some huge issues with my internet all flippin' day and have not gotten any answers from Comcast. I really am ready to go to a customer service center and throw my modem at their wall calmly ask them what the heck is wrong with my internet service. I have been having to reset it over and over because it keeps going out every .5 seconds, really annoying!! I have exams to take online this week and it is crucial I get online, and stay online, during that time. Well hopefully it was just a weird glitch for the day. Anywho, onto the yesterday's episode of The Bachelorette. We are down to the final 2 and I cannot believe it's almost over! I'm linking up with the lovely ladies {Anne} and {Meg} for some dish! 

Now I have been Team Sean since the beginning {I know I haven't been posting since day 1, but still} and I was really upset to see him go, BUT at the same time, I was kind of glad. I think Emily & his babies would be "too perfect" and that just isn't fair. Anyway, I hope ABC has some common sense and brings him on as the next Bachelor, if they know what's good for them.

So for Emily, I have lately been rooting for Team Jef. He is and will make the best husband to Emily, adoring her all the time and best step-father to Ricki, playing and being a great role model for her {I mean come on he gave up an overnight fantasy date with Emily because of the morality of it all, how sweet!!!}. He is a kid at heart, but can be serious and responsible at the same time which in this case is super important.

I used to like Arie and now I don't really care for him. I don't think Emily does either. The only thing she does like, however, is making out with him, anywhere and everywhere. I don't blame her, he ain't so bad on the eyes. But in the end that is not going to be enough for her to base a relationship on. They don't really do much talking in between all the kissing and personally I think after the hometown date, she really saw a different perspective on Arie and his life/family.

I think in the end Emily will choose Jef and I honestly didn't expect this from weeks 1-6, but after really getting to see them together they just seem to fit easily together and it doesn't seem forced or like she is trying too hard. He really genuinely seems to care about her and Ricki and that shows. I think she lights up when she is around him and that is so precious. 

I cannot wait until the finale, I can't believe we have to wait until July 23rd to watch it, but I have a great girls night planned that involves a lot of wine and lots of dishing afterwards!!

What did you guys think about yesterday's episode?
Who do you want Emily to end up with?
Who do you think she will end up with?
Go link up!!

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  1. I was Team Sean as well! But I'm also happy he's gone because I want him to be the next Bach! But I think Emily is a little dirty in this game...I may be on my own in thinking this...and that's ok, but...think about it: Arie= racecar driver. Jef= owns his own company. Sean= insurance agent. I mean...doesn't that seem a little fishy?!

    One more thing...I will be so upset if the rumors turn out to be true and Emily and Chris Harrison are together!!

  2. I was never team sean so I was kinda happy to see him go (sorry!) I was team jef from day 1! But I'm worried their religious difference will not work out (this isn't really discussed on the show, but i'm from charlotte and they talk about him being mormon alll the time on the news, in the paper etc). I think she just wants to hook up with arie, yes chemistry is important but I think it'll be short lived.