Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Bachelorette Week 8 {Hometowns}

Morning everyone! I wasn't able to do the linky link last week because I caught the episode so late, but last night I watched the episode because it is one of my favorites {after the first night & proposal}. So I am linking up with {Anne} for some dish, here are my thoughts!

Crybaby Chris' Hometown:
Chris still seems awkward being "in his element." At least he realized he was being a big baby last week. It was cool that they were in Hanover Park, IL which is so close to where I live, how cool?! His sister, Renee(sp?) was so skeptical of Emily even liking Chris telling her to end things before he got his heart broken. Chris is a big boy (sort of) and he should know how this show works. I did, however, think the end of the hometown date was pretty cute, but there was nothing spectacular about it, glad it was the first one.

Jef's Hometown:
I really like Jef more and more after last week's date. Can we talk about Emily's outfit, I loved it on her! When she asked Jef's sisters about the wanting kids thing, they had a super awkward long pause, are they skeptical about if he wants an instant family?? OH EM GEE! Jef's letter that he wrote for Emily gave me goosepimples/chills and made my heart literally melt!!! Like if everyone didn't already love Jef, you had to after that moment!

Arie's Hometown:
Of course Arie would take Emily racing and it's cute she went along with it. When Arie's mom starting speaking in Dutch, it was super awkward and weird. Honestly his mom is kind of a biotch, how could you not love Emily?!? She did kind of warm up that cold cold heart of hers a little bit after talking to Emily, but she still seemed standoffish. I really do see Arie ending up with Emily at the end.

Sean's Hometown:
Oh they did save the best for last didn't they! Ok let's start off by talking about Emily's outfit, that hi-low dress was gorgeous!!! Moving on, how precious is Sean's nieces' house, "Kensington Cottage." I think Emily didn't take the news too well about living at home. Holy messy room Sean. Why did you have to kill your perfect image you could never do that. Thank god Sean doesn't really live at home, you could see the relief in Emily. Emily and Sean are like seriously perfect and if he doesn't win I sure as hell hope ABC is smart enough to bring him back as the Bachelor because I sure won't mind seeing his pretty self for an entire season! 

Rose Ceremony:
Love Emily's dress, again! Anyway, moving on, I honestly think there was an "obvious" choice to send home. Chris should have gone home last week when he was off crying like a baby, but oh wells, he is long gone now. Not a classy way to leave Chris. I don't like all these guys making Emily second guess her decisions, you knew coming into this, you either have a connection or you don't. Chris, your "10x the man" your only 25, grow the hell up, you having to say that proves your clearly NOT! 

So anyone else here the rumors about Emily and Chris Harrison (the host of the Bachelor/Bachelorette) rumored to be hooking up? He claims that Emily is by far the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on, yada yada, I highly doubt Emily would go for him, and if she does, shit will hit the fan with this franchise. Maybe it's time they get another host, maybe one that won't hit on the Bachelorette?!

Ahh, I cannot believe it's already down to the final 3 and it's the 3 that I predicted from the very beginning. I can't wait for next week. What are your thoughts on this week's episode, go link-up and share your thoughts! 

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  1. Love this post! I almost cried during jef's letter too! And her outfit.. YES! I hope she picks jef so that she can get out from the Hendrick's $$$ and move on with her life outside of Charlotte. and YES I'm 100% with you on Chris. He is trash and showed it when he wasn't chosen. His polish family was a shock to me, though. Who knew?