Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social Week {6}: Travel

Happy Sunday everyone! While you guys are reading this I am enjoying some lovely blog ladies at my very first Blogger Blitz Chicago meetup downtown. There are already some of the bloggers that I follow, but I am excited to meet and follow some new ones as well! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and onto the post. This weeks Sunday social topic is all about travel. It is one of my favorite things to do and although I don't get to do it a lot, I try to travel as much as I possibly can. I am already apologizing for the crazy amounts of pictures you will find. I hope you guys are visual learners like me, I always love great pictures on blogs, helps me get to know someone better! I'm linking up with these lovely ladies, {Neely} and {Ashley}:

Sunday Social

Best trip you've ever been on?
A year and a half ago, I went to India after about 10 years of not going. It was just for a fun trip with my parents for travel, my cousins wedding and some family time. We were mainly in the Western part of India in Gujarat. That is where all my family is and it was such a blast catching up with everyone, meeting new people and just hanging out. We also went down to Southern India to Kerala and did a week there, it is SUCH a beautiful place and I am thrilled we got the opportunity to experience it. Here are some of my fave pics, I wish I could post all of them!! 
**Pic overload**

View of Kerala from the plane
My mom & I 
On an elephant
My mom & I again
My mom, aunt & I surrounded by tea leaves!
The beach, my love!!
Camel ride on the beach
The boathouse we stayed on for a night!
View of the beach from our resort!!
Gujarat city at night time, <3
Best idea for a girls weekend trip?
I think anywhere where all the girls can have a blast! I may be biased because I am doing this girls trip at the end of August, but Vegas is always a good idea! 

Best idea for a couples trip?
Well as of now I'm not married or seeing anyone, but I think anywhere that involves beaches, tiny umbrella drinks, massages & relaxation is an idea couples trip.

*Thanks Google for the Images :)

Best vacation on the cheap?
I think any vacation can be done on a budget, if you are willing to put the time and energy into doing the research. The best "cheap" trip I've been on is to Houston/San Antonio, TX last summer. We drove the 18+ hours which saved LOTS of $$ on flights, but we stayed with my aunt and that also saved money on hotels too. That way the money was spent on food & entertainment!

Everything's bigger in Texas
The Alamo
San Antonio Riverwalk (we ate the rest w/ the colorful umbrellas!)
Me, my sister & my awesome cousin
Me, my sister, and 2 cousins
Place you most want to visit?
I want to go everywhere, I am a travel junkie! The one place that has been on my list for a LONGG time is/has been Sydney, Australia. It looks beautiful, the beaches, the hot Australian men, tourist spots, etc!!

Bondi Beach, Australia
*Again thanks, Google images!

Vacation/Travel Necessities?
Makeup/toiletries, enough clothes (an weather appropriate) for the amount of the time (plus extra, I'm an over-packer anytime I travel), camera, phone, iPad, chargers for all electronics, travel pillow & blanket (perfect for airplanes or road trips!), new music loaded on my iPod, comfortable shoes. There are probably a LOT of other things, but these are definitely the first few things that come to mind.

Again sorry for the picture overload, I did warn you, if you read all the way down to here, I love you!!! Can you tell from my answers I belong in a warm weather state, not Chicago, although I do love my city, I would love to be walking distance to a beach!! Well hope all you guys liked my answers...

How would you answer these? 
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  1. Oooh, Australia would be ah-mazing!

  2. Wow! India looks beautiful! And I love that you got to ride an elephant!

  3. Loving the elephant picture, how cool?! All of your pictures are so great- thanks for sharing them :)