Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Best Kind of Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know I said I was going to do some Bachelorette dishing, but I fell behind yesterday so I will combine it in this post along with some updates and other fun link ups. 

So on The Bachelorette last night, it was the finale {as if you didn't know} and I am so so happy with the outcome. I really hope that Emily & Jef can make it last for a long long time. Has anyone else seen his super adorable pictures as of late? The hair has fixed itself!!

Major upgrade, but with all the sweet stuff he has been doing for Emily on the show, how can you not fall in love with him, hair and all. So I really did like the way she let Arie down in the show because it didn't put him through more heartbreak if he fell deeper for Emily. I don't think it did much for closure, but that's what After the Rose is all about. 

So Jef's proposal was so sweet!!! I am in lurve with the ring too, Neil Lang never does disappoint does he?! If you missed that big rock, here's a pic:

I don't know how anyone could miss that ring, it's huge!!! So I really think at the After the Rose, Emily & Jef looked so in love. You can really sense there is some sort of connection with Jef that she just didn't have with Sean & Arie. I'm kind of upset they didn't announce who the next Bachelor will be, I thought that usually happened at the After the Rose, but oh well, I still really hope it's Sean, I will be sending my application to ABC if it is :)!! 

Linked up with the beautiful {Anne} for this wonderful dish session, can't wait til next season!!

So the next link up that I'm stuffing in this post is one that I saw on my bloggy bff Jenn's blog today. It's a little session of Truth & Dare. I thought this idea was so cute and I wanted to participate so here it is. 

The prompt for this week:

Truth: If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?
Dare: Post a photo or video of your bedroom as is. Tell us about what we see.

I've decided to do the dare, mainly because I had just cleaned today so my room is somewhat clean.

{1} Door to my room, yes I am a child and have my name on the door, don't hate :)
{2} You can see my bed, zebra print body pillow [love], part of my nightstand
{3} My couch, Bob Marley & Derrick Rose posters
{4} My makeup/getting ready area, pictures and other crap on my wall
{5} My closet, that part is slightly messy & I know I have a lot of laundry to do

So what did you guys think of my room?
It's still a work in progress, I have lots of crafts/diy projects to do.

Ok, so if you are still reading, know that I love you! The final link up I am gonna do today is Insta Tuesday with Jane @ Taingamala. This is the very first week of this fun link up & I apologize if some of you who follow me on Instagram already saw some of these. 

{}Fro-yo is <3

{}Indian version of coke, so delicious!!

{}Photo a day August list, can't wait!

{}Waffle fries at work, yum

{}Holy carbs & oil

{}Cupcakes from my cake decorating class

{}Made mums from icing, and it actually looks legit

{}My mascara & lip gloss swap gift from the wonderful Darby @ Life with the Hawleys

Wow, so I am fully aware that I had a LOT of food pictures, what can I say, girl likes to eat!! What have you guys taken pictures of this week, go link up!!

Also I just wanted to update you guys about my grandfathers surgery, it went very well and he is now at home resting and recovering. Thank you to all of you who kept him in your thoughts and prayers, it meant so so much to me!! Come back tomorrow for some fun Pinterest pins!!

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  1. I love the truth or date photos I've been seeing today. So fun. I am really glad you posted your pic of fro-yo. My husband and I JUST found a fro-yo place by us and we were wondering what those ball toppings are. I had never seen them before. Your cupcakes look awesome! I've always wanted to take a decorating class. How fun!

    Thanks for linking up with Insta Tuesday!

  2. hahaha i love the part about Sean being the next bachelor and i couldn't agree more... he deserves it. and if you sign up i'll be rooting for you all the way :D.

    PS. Your room is absolutely adorable... LOVE it.

  3. Yay!!! Glad you got your gift! I've been looking through the Aug. photo challenge already and brainstorming. So exciting! Happy Hump Day!

  4. Your room is adorable! :) Love it. Thanks for linking up!