Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's 'OK' Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! So I'm excited to announce that I have my very first guest giveaway over at Yours Truly a blog run by one of the nicest bloggers I've met, Jenna. I am giving away a $25 Target gift card, which I know you want to win so go here to enter!! 

Besides that I'm linking up with {Neely} and {Amber} for it's 'OK' Thursday! Today was a tough day at work, I came home frustrated and exhausted. Last night we had a pretty nasty storm and at the hospital our server went down and so everything was put in manually today. It was a LONG day and frustrating to work with certain people who are lazier than others. I feel like I'm just hitting my breaking point, but thank god I'm off tomorrow and can enjoy my day off with a trip to the salon and pool! Now onto the link-up:

Its Ok Thursdays's ok to get so frustrated with lazy coworkers, but know you can't do much about it with a careless manager's ok to have so much fun shopping for my mascara/lip gloss swap partner!!! Package coming to you soon Darby!'s ok to come home and demolish some nacho Lunchables!!'s ok to be super lazy and not want to do anything but veg out in front of the TV's ok to have a small crush on a guy in one of the departments at work and purposely find reasons/excuses to go over to the department.'s ok to not have any clue what to wear for my good friend's bridal shower on Saturday, can you fashionista's help me out, is this maxi dress a yes or no?? (It's a backyard bridal shower)'s ok to want a little baby so badly especially when my cousin sends me adorable pictures of my nephew, I don't need a man right?!

So kid's, what's OK with you today? 
Also, I know you want to enter my giveaway, so what are you waiting for?!?

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  1. oh my gosh he is just adorable! super cute :) I'm having such a good time shopping for the lip gloss and mascara swap too! I'm glad you told me about it!

    Hoping over to Yours Truly to checkout your giveaway!


  2. awwww yay!!! I had so much fun shopping for you too!!!

  3. Love that dress in your pic, that would look great for a shower! If not, you can always just wear a nice sundress and some sandals. You'll definitely have to post pics of the shower and the outfit you choose ;)

    And I totally hear ya on lazy co-workers that managers seem to do nothing about *oy*

  4. oh my gosh that kid is so adorable!