Monday, July 30, 2012

Recap of My Weekend

Hey all! So this weekend wasn't too busy for me, but it did fly by {doesn't every weekend seem to do that?!} 

Friday, I did absolutely NOTHING all day and I loved it. I lounged around in my sweat shorts and cleaned a bit, but it was mostly my lazy day. I love being able to get days like those, especially Fridays. I also did a lot of blog stalking reading and watched a few movies. I was supposed to go out at night with my sister and a couple friends to a local bar and even got ready {makeup & all} until my sister {a} told me she lost her driver's license and {b} we found out there was a cover at this local bar and we refused to pay just to hang out there for a while. I was more than ok with taking all my makeup off and slipping back into my PJ's. Ended my lazy day by watching the entire Olympics opening ceremony and it was AH-MAZING. I loved all the work Danny Boyle put into the scenery and the acting. The Queen seemed bored, but I could easily take her place if she wants to for the closing ceremonies, call me Queen Liz :)! 
Don't look too happy now Queen
Saturday, I woke up pretty early and got ready to hang out with my bestie {whose shower I was at last weekend} at the pool. We got a lot of sun and enjoyed some delish adult bevies. After we felt drier than prunes, we decided to head back into her condo and watch some TV before heading out to catch dinner, her soon to be hubby joined us and we went out to Flat Top Grill and if you haven't been there and have one near by, I highly recommend going there. It's a create your own stir-fry, but it's done a little different than other stir-fry places I've been to. After that we headed to this little candy shop that had probably any and every candy you could think up. I of course had to buy some mini gummy bears, mini sno caps, jujubes, and a ring pop. I would have bought more, but I remembered I needed to stay on budget this month and couldn't justify bags of candies. After all that fun, I headed home and called it a night.

{I was a bad blogger & didn't take any pix at dinner, sorry}

Sunday, this was another lazy day for me, however I did get a TON of cleaning and laundry done. My OCD side came out as well and I packed for my Vegas trip which isn't until the end of August. I am fully aware that it isn't even August yet, but hey I like to be organized and make sure I have everything I need. I have made a list and keep adding to it. I've even done a trial pack making sure all my crud fits into my one carry on. Yes, I am a freak and yes I am fully aware of this. My main reason for doing this is because I know I will become lazier as the month progresses and I am working a whole lot more this month and also starting school back up mid August {I know what your thinking, didn't you just finish, yes I did, but I don't get a very long "break"}. For these reasons I decided planning ahead and putting my stuff aside was a good idea now. Also as soon as I get back from Vegas I work the following 2 days and then I am off again to New York for 2 weeks so I need plenty of time to plan for that. If you think I packed a lot for a 5 day Vegas trip, I am scared to see what happens when I pack for a 2 week New York trip, however we are driving so it makes it easier to over pack! 

My pre-pack for Vegas
Ok all, thanks for reading all my rambling above, if you made it this far I thank you!! Also be on the look out for a July favorites post this week as well as a little button swap intro post which will star the lovely ladies on my sidebar {some new, some old, all great!!}

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend, and I'm linking up with LeeannSami, and Dana!

Night, lovebirds!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Love that you're already packing for your Vegas trip...sounds like me :)Hope you have a great week, lady!

  2. AMAZEballs!!...I'm going to Vegas this Thursday and have to pack for me PLUS my three boys...and I HAVE NOT started...stop making me look bad...

  3. haha The Queen was so cold faced the whole time :p

    Have fun in Vegas!!