Friday, January 16, 2015

Favorite Instagrammers

I have to admit that with all the different forms of social media there is out there, one sticks out as my clear favorite. Sure there is the on-going Facebook trend, but I felt like the last few years have been bad on FB...I have no real desire to post anything on there and most people act like it's their personal and private diary, that's what blogs are for people!
Twitter is also a fun platform, but I definitely am not on there as much as others. I find that I go on in small spurts. If I'm tweeting along to a show, I'll have multiple tweets flying out, but I don't ever see myself on there always tweeting. First off 140 characters is way too little, I hate feelin so limited.
Instagram is my number one social media. I usually check my Instagram a couple times a day (more if I've posted or am getting alerts). I love the fact that you can go on there 5 minutes apart and have new stuff to see. Plus with me being a visual person, pictures speak way more than words to me. This is an app that I see myself for years regularly on, that is if it's still in it's existence. Here are some of my absolute favorite Instagrammers. If you don't follow them, I highly suggest you do, trust me you won't be disappointed!
 Amanda is such a fun person to follow because she is really into fitness and her posts really motivate me and want me to do something. Plus she's getting married next month, so I can't wait to see how gorgeous of a bride she makes!
 Robin is such a sweet human being. Her life is super colorful (hence the name of her blog!), but she is also a bride-to-be and following her sunny life in Florida is always refreshing since I see snow and cold during this season. She also has the cutest Lilly collection since she works for them!
 Maegen is such a gorgeous preggo isn't she?! Her outfit posts are so cute and really easy for anyone to recreate. I love that she is very down to earth and such a sweet girl. I can't wait until her baby boy arrives, in the meantime follow along if you want some outfit inspirations.
 Sarah is such a fun girl. I tend to live vicariously through her Instagram life because she lives in a pretty cool city (Deep Ellum in Dallas) and her food/drink pictures are sooo yummy. She's also a pretty big sports fan, so that's always refreshing to see.
 Tara is probably one of the very few girls who can actually pull off front bangs really well. I get really jealous of her bangs and want to try them out on myself, but remember that I would most definitely not look like that. Her pup is also such a cutie with tons of sass!

 Myra is another sweetheart. She posts about her life as an expat in the Philippines, and her various travels. I love seeing her life abroad and hope she comes back to Houston one day so I can finally meet her! Her doggie Kobi is adorable too!
 Darby is a sweet momma to Dutch. I love seeing her #DutchDaily posts because he is just the cutest little munchkin. She also introduced me to essential oils and I'm so grateful for that! I 'met' Darby when we were swap partners way long ago and am so thrilled to be following along with her to this day.
 Meg is my go-to for makeup reviews/advice. She knows her stuff and I love getting a little peek at her life with her beautiful little girls. She is pretty awesome with all her balancing acts in her life, but I love being able to follow along with her since she was one of the first blogs I followed.
 Helene is a fun person to follow because her life in Dallas seems so fun with her pups. I've never been to a music festival, but following her it feels as if I have. She has had some awesome opportunities to meet and interview some big names in EDM and that's pretty cool.
 Emily is such a sweet person and following along on her life in Florida is really fun. She has a brand new puppy, Lola Chanel that is just the cutest thing ever. Just like her bio says, she enjoys martini's and traveling and she's gotten to do a bit of that, so it's been fun to follow on her travel journeys!
Kate is such a fun and fabulous person. She's another one whose life I live vicariously through because it really seems pretty great. I love following on her trips to Disney and to the beach (or even her pool parties) because I don't get to do any of those things here in Chicago, so getting to see a little slice of it is really fun. Plus she's got a cute pup too!
Mindy Kaling
 I don't follow too many celebs on Instagram, but Mindy Kaling has to be one of my favorite. Even though she's a big star, I think she's super real and down to earth in her Instagram. She loves posting pictures, and I love seeing them. It's really neat to be able to get a peek inside the lives of a celeb and she does a great job of opening up with her fans about her life.
I mean it's I really need to say anything else. Sure a lot of her pictures don't make sense to us regular folk, but her life is so glamorous and elegant I just can't help but love her even more. For being such a private person, it's really awesome to get a little glimpse of her day to day.
So from these picks (who I love in no order at all) you can tell I like a few things, warm weather, beaches/pools, food, and doggies!!! If you fall into any of those categories (or even if you don't) and I don't follow you on Instagram, please let me know and I'll change that. I'd love it if you'd follow along on mine too, even though my life is nothing compared to these wonderful women.
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  1. Love this list of fabulous ladies! Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal.. she could not be more fabulous.

    Happy Friday gurlie! :-D