Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Things I'm an Expert at:

I love learning and discovering new things. Granted if you caught me at school, I would totally say the opposite, but what I mean by that is if there is something I am passionate about or even good at, I enjoy learning about it. My list may not be long, but it's what I can think of off the top of my head.
Things I'm an expert at
> making lists
I absolutely love making lists. I get pretty OCD about my lists too, it needs to be neat and very legible, so if I mess up on anything you better believe a new list will be made. I love how it keeps me organized in my life and I feel like I have my stuff together if I have a pretty list.
> staying organized
I think this goes hand in hand with the whole making lists things. I think if it weren't for my lists and planner(s), I would not be as organized as I am. If it's written down, I know it needs to get done.
> Resting bitch face (or RBF)
Now this is something that I totally have no control over. I think I'm an expert at it because I've had 26 years of experience. Even without trying to, I can master the face. I have learned in my profession how to lessen that or put on my smile in front of patients.
Pretty much my life in a nutshell
> Sarcasm and snark
Ask anyone in my life and they will tell you I have more sarcasm and snark than necessary in life. Sometimes it can get me in trouble, but other times it's just fun.
> Eating Taco Bell while driving
Now you may not think of this as something to be an expert thing and to that I say, I challenge you. I challenge you to get something from Taco Bell and eat it while driving (in a straight line). It's not easy my friends, but I have mastered it. All those late night Taco Bells runs have come in handy apparently, my parents should be so proud. You get extra points if you can add sauce to your food while driving!
I need this in my life
> Pretending to work
This doesn't always happen, but when we have downtime at work, I am constantly pretending I am donig something super duper important on the computer. Most times I am either on Pinterest, Bloglovin, or cranking out blog posts. I have recently mastered having a bajillion windows up at once in case someone sneaks up on you (I'm looking at you coworker who doesn't know what a personal bubble is).
Alright, this is the most I can come up with on a Monday. If I think of more, I will add as I go. What are some things you guys are experts at?
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  1. Eating taco bell and driving is definitely an art! lol I'm a list maker myself....I make lists weekly and always adding notes in my phone of things to remember to do.