Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Happy birthday baby sis!!!
I cannot believe you are a quarter century of a year old today!!! I have loved (and sometimes hated) being your wiser and much prettier older sister. Let's face it you are gorgeous and you know it, and love to tell me all the time. I love that about you, the fact that you could walk around in sweats and no makeup on with such confidence. The fact that you've been my best friend for the last 25 years has been the best feeling. I know you and I share such a special bond that nobody in the world could compare to. I am so proud of your zest for life and tenacity even when you're dealt some pretty crappy cards, you try to never show that you're down and make sure everyone around you is happy. Keep being who you are and never change for anyone, especially boys because they're mainly stupid and you should probably throw rocks at them.
Love ya pupert!

So, not only is it my sister's birthday today, but my beautiful cousin shares the same birthday with a year difference. So Pooj, happy 24th birthday, sorry you've always had to share that day with Krina, but you two couldn't be more alike so it totally makes sense that God would give y'all the same birthdays!
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