Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Blogger makes statistics really fun to keep up with. I love the analytical page where you can see how many views you've gotten for the day, on a certain post, etc. I've never been a pusher of getting my numbers up, even though I was truly grateful when the numbers did climb. I thought it would be fun if I just gave you guys some stats of this here little blog.
Pageviews of all time: 50,479
This is pretty cool and even though many many other bloggers have double or triple this number, I gotta say, I am pretty happy with this number. I don't even know what an average is, but considering I'm not always a consistent blogger or someone who shares her post on every social media outlet, this is a big number.
Top search word: jackson avery
For those of you that don't know who that is, that's the hottest character on Grey's Anatomy. I'm not sure why that search has sent over 280 people to my blog, but I hope they got what they wanted out of that search. I suppose the keyword could always be worse, so I'll take this as a win!
It's really cool to see where my readers or people that accidentally stumble onto my page come from. These are the top countries where my readers come from, so if you're from any of these, HELLO!
United Kingdom
Top 10 most viewed blog posts:
1. Sunday Social Week {5}\\ 4271 page views
I think this is the post that is responsible for the Jackson Avery searches, you're welcome America ;).
2. Mac vs Make Up For Ever\\ 1819 page views
I'm surprised this one has so many views, with the amateur blogging and horrible quality pictures, wowzers.
3. If you really knew me...\\ 604 page views
This one makes me happy to know it's in the top 3 because it's about me and I'm not pushing or talking about a product.
4. Birchbox vs MyGlam Bag\\ 523 page views
This was fun to go back on, I loved Birchbox once upon a time, but have now since stuck to Ipsy (formerly MyGlam Bag).
5. Do You Freestyle?\\ 332 page views 
This was a fun post to write about mostly because I got asked to review a Freestyle machine and got paid for it! It was probably the largest amount I got from a review, so that's pretty cool.
6. Sunday Social Week {4}\\ 203 page views
Sunday Social posts FTW. These were so fun to do especially in the beginning because it was all new. I'm sad that this link up as since gone away, but had a blast linking up.
7. Fall Into Fun\\ 191 page views
This was another Sunday Social post talking about fun fall activities.
8. Nikki Lately\\ 157 page views
I guess I had taken a blogging hiatus with school and life taking over so I caught up in this post and clearly readers liked it enough to end up on this list. So thanks readers for caring.
9. Red Balloons\\ 129 page views
This makes my heart melt because this was such a tragic experience for a fellow blogger Jacqui and I'm glad it got the page views it did. I recently saw that Jacqui was on Ellen's show during the 12 day of giveaways and got to talk to Ellen. It's great that Ryan's name and story got out in the ways that it has, truly speaks to what bloggers are capable of when one of our own is hurting.
10. Dating Stories from Yours Truly\\ 127 page views
Sorry for all the broken picture links, but this was a fun time to write because I had been going through the motions of online dating again and had plenty of stories to share with my readers. Whether you have tried online dating, are contemplating trying it, or don't need to but want a good laugh, this is a fun post that goes through the truth behind online dating.
It was so fun to go back to these top posts and get reaquainted with my blog. I kind of tend to forget about posts written a few years ago and so this is fun to walk down memory lane. This May will mark 3 years of blogging, all the ups and downs and amazing people I have met through blogging has been incredible.  
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  1. It's fun to look at those stats every once in a while. I always get a kick out of the searches that get people to my page, sometimes they're downright hilarious and make zero sense :-P

  2. Dang girl, ongrats! You're doing an awesome job with your blog. Keep it up!!!