Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do You Freestyle?

Hey everyone! Today I'm coming to you with some really exciting new stuff. I recently went into my local Qdoba restaurant and saw a fancy new machine replacing the soda fountain. I was very intrigued and mesmerized by the touch screen replacement. If you have never heard of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, you definitely will today. This awesome machine is starting to pop up at so many different restaurants all around the Chicagoland area and they have about 6 just in the 5 mile radius of my house! 

These incredible machines are something the Jetson's would have definitely had in their house.  You can decide EXACTLY what you want to drink, this fountain is for YOU. The machine's motto is "It's the refreshing new way to express yourself." What a fun and unique way of expressing yourself with your drink. You can mix and match your choice of drink and I am an avid coke drinker, so having 8 different flavors of coke was awesome! Raspberry coke has become a new favorite for me and I think you should check out the Coca-Cola Freestyle website {http://coca-colafreestyle.com/} to see where there is a location near you. 

Try a freestyle machine out and let me know your thoughts!!

*I was asked to review the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine and these are my HONEST opinions.*

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  1. Okay, I love these machines. Last time a made a orange diet coke--maybe not the best choice but still wonderful!