Monday, October 1, 2012

September Beauty Faves

Happy Monday & happy first day of October!! I seriously cannot believe how quickly this year is going by. September was a fly by month for me because so much happened in it, but the month itself went by so quickly. Since it is a new month, it's that time to do a review of my favorite beauty products for the month of September. If you guys have your own favorite products for September, grab my button on the sidebar and link up with me!!!

I got this a while back for a secret santa gift and I am in LOVE. Not only does this smell intoxicating, the quantity provided is incredible. I use this lotion about everyday and I still have a decent amount left over. Also, this line is sold at Ulta for a pretty cheap price tag. Now I know not everyone is into Shea Butter, but the Tree Hut line carries plenty of different flavors. 

This little gem was an impulse buy from Target and for only $4.99, I couldn't pass it up. I had never heard of this brand, but it seemed trustworthy enough and after just a few uses I am hooked. The brush is very easy to use and my only complaint would be it's too runny, but that just means I have to be careful not to get too much on the brush. Also, it's true to it's word, it dries pretty quickly!

This face scrub was given to me as a part of a giveaway I won and I have just recently started using it regularly. I really see a difference in the blemishes I used to get and it minimizes the redness of the ones I already have. I also love that it makes my face feel really clean after using it. 

This was another impulse buy from Target. When I spotted this shadow palette, I thought it was the cutest thing I had seen with some really cute shades. I love the variety of nudes in this palette and the long-wear of the colors is great. This nude palette from Physicians Formula was under $10 and a great bang for your buck. 


I love all the products I've discovered, new and old, this month and hope you guys enjoyed them as well. I hope you guys will link up below with me, I love to discover new products to try out. Hope you guys have a fabulous first week of October!


  1. Great reviews!!! I'm loving that palette! It reminds me of the NAKED 2 palette that I've been eyeing...but is just NOT in the budget right now. That one seems like I could do it though! Maybe I'll give it a shot :)