Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone! I know last week I had said I was going to lock myself at home and work on my paper all weekend long, forgoing any social life. Well, things obviously didn't turn out that way, or else I wouldn't be posting a weekend update, because I know to spare you guys boring details of me writing a paper. Luckily I got to have a small social life AND get my paper done all in one weekend. On Friday it was one of my good friends' 25th birthday and we were all driving into the city to go out and celebrate. We started out with some drinks at her apartment and then headed out to some bars. Since pictures are better than words, here is some visual stimulation for your Monday morning {or afternoon/evening}.

Starting the night off with some shots with the birthday girl! 

The girls & I claiming our spot on the couch.

My cutie pie best friend & I!

Here we are again ready to go.

Me & my girls.

Only picture at the bar/lounge we went to {don't even remember the name}.

Friday night was such a blast and I am so glad I went out, the next day however was dedicated to my paper and I was proud of myself for finishing it, even with some slight, but needed distractions. The rest of my weekend was pretty bland and mainly consisted of me recovering from Friday night. 

Now if you followed my few posts I did about my dating site adventures {read about them here and here}. Well I wanted to update you all a little, since bloggers actually care about the happenings of my life {which I love by the way, thank you all who comment/email}. Well I am happy to say I've met someone who actually seems like a winner. It's still too early to tell, but we've been talking non stop for a week now and we come from similar backgrounds and families so we get each other. I'm hopefully, but cautious at the same time and can only leave this in the hands of God. I'll definitely keep you guys in the loop where this one goes, if anywhere, but just wanted to throw that in there. 

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  1. You looks so cute (as always) for your friends birthday!You girls look like you had a blast! im glad you got to party and finish your paper! Congrats on meeting a possible future bf? keep us updated!
    have a wonderful week!

  2. What?! I'm super excited about this guy! I hope he's a good one ;) You HAVE to keep me posted and I've GOT to get my butt on a site. Looks like a fabulous weekend as always!

  3. Fun pictures! I'm sure you don't regret trading in school work for a good time with friends ;)

    And I can NOT wait to hear about this fella!

  4. Oh i forgot to mention that i nominated you for a liebster award check out my latest blogpost for details!
    love the blog


  5. I love that shirt you wore! And I'm happy you found someone special. :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Go to my post to find out more: