Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does That Make Me Crazy??

Happy Tuesday friends! I have been seeing a fun link-up going around the blog world that Michelle @ The Vintage Apple is hosting and after reading other bloggers take on it, I decided I could do a few of these. By the way, I got a lot of the ideas for mine from other people, and if other people are doing the same things, that doesn't make me crazy does it??

{} Nowadays, anytime I wash my hand after touching/dealing with anything gross, I wash them like I am about to perform surgery, i.e. scrubbing my arms up to my elbow.

{} I hate the feeling of eye boogerss (or eye crusties as I have heard them called as well) in the morning. I feel like I NEED to wash my face to get rid of them asap.

{} That when I have a list of things to get done, even if I have done something already, I will write it down, just for the satisfaction of crossing it off. Same thing applies at work, I will add patients that I have already completed, just for that simple satisfaction of crossing it off.

{} Just like Michelle, I don't do laundry until I absolutely have to and run out of clothes. I will even go into my winter/summer bins and grab stuff (of course if it's only for around the house).

{} Whenever I am watching anything even remotely scary (meaning that scary music comes on) I will immediately mute the sound so I can't hear anything. It made watching the first episode of 666 Park Avenue interesting. Also those commercials for the movie Sinister, creeps me out!!

{} I like everything in even numbers. The volume on my TV, even. The number of m&m's I take out of the bag, even. Anything that can be an even number, will be for me. 

{} I love to have (almost) everything organized and clean in the house. That almost is everything, but my room. I will clean my parents room, sisters room, the kitchen, garage, everything, but my darn room. 

{} When I get out of my car (mostly at night), I make sure I have everything in my hands and make a mad dash inside my garage because of the fear of getting attacked by the possum, raccoon, and skunk trio currently taking up residence in our cul-de-sac.

{} Everything in my wallet is organized, my money is all facing the same direction and in descending order, my credit/debit cards are all together, my gift cards, followed by misc. other cards.

{} When I sleep at night, I have to have a blanket over me (even on those hot, hot summer days) and my head and feet cannot for the life of me be covered, everything else is acceptable. 

{} When I post something on Twitter, Instagram, or my personal Facebook page, I check it about 20 times in a 5 minute span, just to see if someone liked/commented/favorited/retweeted/etc.

{} Just like Amber, I hate having emails sitting in my inbox. I will find a folder to put it in, but hate seeing it in my inbox. 

{} I am going to wrap this up so I can be the 40th link on Michelle's link up (see that even number thing is taking over again).

some crazy photo booth fun :)

Does any of this make me crazy?
What makes you crazy?
Link up with Michelle!!

Toodles crazy peeps!


  1. Oh lordy, if you read my post & yours we listed WAY too many similar things. At least we know we're not crazy alone?! :)

  2. So glad to hear that I'm not the only one with the aversion to laundry!!!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  3. OMG the Sinister commercials have to stopppp it already!! I can't stand them...I turn the channel completely when they come on. Announcer voices freak me out, and that one gets me every time. And I also do the blanket thingy.

  4. Oh my goodness- I agree with SO much.....

    adding things and THEN crossing them off? YEP!

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS have to have a blanket over me when I sleep- no matter how hot it is.

    Even number thing? Totally me too!

    Love it!