Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Wednesday's We Pin!

Happy hump day all! Yesterdays post was a lot of fun coming up with and reading as well, thanks Michelle for hosting such a fun link up! So I'm typing this post as I'm catching up on Once Upon A Time and erasing blackheads, so this will have to be a short and sweet post, but I am linking up once again with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting! Lately I have been perusing Pinterest too long and mesmerized over all the findings on it. This post will be a mismatch of my recent pins!

Source: via nikki on Pinterest

Source: via nikki on Pinterest

Clearly, I was pinning with a purpose in mind. I added lots of fun pins to my ecards collection and definitely a lot of wedding ideas. Did you see that rock? It was gorgeous!! Also if I find similar brown boots in the pins above which would not cost an arm and a leg, I would be such a happy camper. Well, I'm off to rip this pore strip off my nose {ouch} and continue with these awesome episodes of Once Upon A Time.

p.s. If you've never seen that show, I highly recommend it. I was opposed to it, but after the first episode, I'm hooked.

p.p.s. My nose is now a bright shade of red because of the pore strip, fudgesicles.

Toodles darlings!


  1. Asshole spiders. LOL!

    And I LOVE Once Upon a Time! I'm so glad it's back on. I missed it!

  2. i love that hair style beautiful!

    have a lovely wednesday!
    xo, sarah grace

  3. LOVING those boots from both pins. I need to go boots shopping!! That ring is GORGEOUS- I love it. Also Luke Bryan....yeah, I'd pretty much do ANYTHING for him ;)

  4. wow can I have that ring? and lol about the boyfriend pin! love that braided updo! gorgeous!

    xoxo, Nicole Rene
    Simply Savannah

  5. Ah, the life alert button ecard made me crackup!

  6. That ring is sooo pretty! I loved the spider quote too! :)