Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If you really knew me...

Ok so I am officially jumping on this bandwagon like a ton of other bloggers have already done. I'm not totally sure who started the original idea {if you know please let me know, would love to give 'em street cred round here}, but this is such a great idea. I thought it was going to be harder to think of these, but once I started I couldn't get myself to stop! So here it is,

If you really knew'd know,

...I'm a huge procrastinator {took me 4 hours before I finished this, pinterest may or may not be responsible for this}

...I'm a lover AND a fighter {I love hard and when needed fight even harder for the ones I love}

...When I fall in love, I fall hard {usually makes the breakups tougher}

...I've always lived in Chicago my whole life & wished I lived elsewhere at times {although I love Chicago!!}

...My younger sister {by 1.5 years} is my absolute best friend and knows everything there is to know about me

...I over-analyze the crap out of pretty much everything {no bueno sometimes}

...I'm a total night owl and can easily stay up past 2 or 3 AM

...Music is the best thing since sliced bread {I love it all hip hop, r&b, pop, light rock, and country. It automatically puts me in a better mood}

...My room is almost always a mess, but every other aspect of my life is pretty organized {I have about 3-4 planners on me not including the monthly dry erase board in my room, I'm never really that busy I just love to know what I'm doing and when}

...I'm the biggest sucker for RomCom's and chick flicks!!

...I've used a dating site in the past and actually met a half way decent guy, until he went and ruined that {I've since removed myself from any and all sites}

...I'm super insecure about myself and always have been {I was that nerdy girl in grade school with big pink Britney Spears round glasses and braces...not cute}

...When people do give me compliments I never believe what their saying to be true and automatically become super awkward, like smile like a little school girl awkward {refer above}

...I make TONS of lists about anything and everything, pisses my family off

...I love cereal for dinner sometimes or always

...I own over 100 nail polishes {and counting}

...I love helping others and love the job that I do, I really see myself making a difference in peoples lives, that makes it easier to wake up early and deal with long hours

...I watch way too much TV that I may or may not ok fine I do have a schedule of what shows come on what days/times just so I don't miss any of them

...I still live at home with my parents and probably will until I get married {It's pretty common in my religion and plus I work 5 mins from my parents house so the commute is awesome and the whole saving a TON of money is always a plus}

...I am so terribly afraid of bugs/spiders and become super paranoid of them being around until someone gets rid of them

...I have some of the best family and friends, but sometimes prefer to be alone {I'm not a loner or emo, I promise, just like some time to myself from time to time}

...I love a hand written invite/note over emails {call me old fashioned}

...I'm forcing myself to stop because it's 2AM and I feel like I could come up with a couple hundred more

Alright kiddos, I think this is pretty good for now. Now I gotta go make a list of crap that I'm over-analyzing after 2AM, listening to music & watching some romantic comedy, eating cereal, painting my nails, hiding from a loose spider in my parents house. Like how I did that :). I'm dorky I understand, don't hate the player hate the game! Well if you guys have done this get to know me post I would love to read yours, so go ahead and leave a link in the comments and if you haven't, then you probably should, everyone else is doing it {no pressure or anything}. 

Peace out girl scouts!

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  1. Probably my favorite list yet....
    one, my sister and I are also 1.5 years apart and she is also the besets friend a girl could ask for.
    two, your nail polish collection? I'm in AWE. seriously.
    three, nerdy girl with glasses and braces? Me too. Add a headgear to that as well hehe.

  2. I'm totally with you about cereal for dinner and hand written letters, both are awesome to me too.

  3. You have more nail polish than Walgreens! I'm jealous. Love the cereal shot :) couldn't agree more

  4. LOVE these lists!!

    I can stay up super late too, esp. in the summer. When it's back to work though (teaching) I can't stay up past 11 lol.

  5. I love this idea. I may steal it from you one day. I am also a night owl. Nighttime is my friend and mornings are my enemy. Since we are both Chicago bloggers, we should try and organize a Blogger Meetup! I've always wanted to go to one! Let me know what you think!

  6. I am new to blogging so I totally missed the bandwagon! Definitely going to use the list idea for one of my future posts. I came across your blog via Darby @ Life With the Hawleys and I'm glad I did!

  7. I LOVED reading all these- we're so much more alike than I even thought :)

    - I have a gazillion planners, lists and calenders...I'm really not that busy but I just LOVE to make them/know whats going on/have them. It's almost obsessive :)

    -LOVED handwritten cards of the best things! (Loving that my card made the picture too!)

    -I'm living at home now too...and would be fine to be here for a while. It's totally alright with me!

    -Cereal for dinner? Anytime!

    and while I LOVE my friends/family and hanging out...a lot of times I like to be alone too.

    Seriously so glad you wrote this!

  8. I recognize a little letter :) can't wait to see what you do with them :D