Friday, August 24, 2012

Vegas Nails

Happy Friday everyone! Just like yesterday's post this is gonna be short and sweet. As many of you know I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow and have been talking about it forever a lot lately. Well today is my running around finishing up all that I can day to prepare for my trip tomorrow. So I'm linking up with these two lovely ladies, Vicki and Tara for Nail Files.

So for this week I went with a darker nail with an accent nail. I wanted something that would go with just about every outfit that I wanted to wear and something fun and funky enough for Vegas. 

I used Sally Hansen hard as nails in Black Out for all nails and Sinful Colors in Queen of Beauty for the accent nail. I did the same effect on my toenails and did the accent nail on my big toe {no picture because lets face it nobody wants to see feet pictures, well except people with a foot fetish}. I think it is very "Vegas" and I asked for suggestions from you guys on IG and got fabulous feedback, so thanks for all your help {this was the clear winner}!! Well this is gonna be my last post until next Thursday so don't miss me too much, I'll have some fabulous ladies guest posting for me next week to keep you guys busy! 

What polish are you guys sportin' this week?
Link up!!

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  1. I voted for the all glitter nails but these are still fabulous! Hope you have a great time in Vegas love!

  2. Very very cute!! I'm going to have to buy this black!

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of Vegas doll ;)

  4. Love that Queen of Beauty - especially over the black!