Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's 'OK' Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! This post will be short and sweet, I'm linking up with {Neely} and {Amber} to say It's Ok!

Its Ok Thursdays's ok that I've been staying up way later than normal to watch countless hours of old TV shows on Netflix.'s ok that I am overly excited for the new shows come Fall, let's hope the networks give em half a chance to make it.'s ok to have that midnight snack plus two spoonfuls of nutella because you ate healthy the whole rest of the day.'s ok to hate the hospital cafeteria food, but I'm too lazy to make and pack a lunch for myself every morning.'s ok to throw a fit after your mom turns your favorite white shorts a pale pink and no amount of bleach will get it white again.'s ok that I have the nicest younger sister who gave me her white shorts after said fit.'s ok to not watch anything else on TV besides the Olympics, I'll be sad when it's over!'s ok that I put a ridiculous amount of funny ecards on my posts, their funny and you know it!

So kids, what's ok with you??
Go link up! 

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  1. All I've been watching are the Olympics too!

    Oh and for the lunch thing.. girl trust me I don't have time to pack my lunch in the morning either, so I pack it the night before as I'm getting ready for bed ;)

  2. I'm doing the same with the Olympics...even watching the boring stuff like men's indoor volleyball...BOOO no speedos! Pshhhh. ;)