Monday, August 13, 2012

What did I do this weekend?

I know you all are tossing and turning asking yourself what I did this weekend. Did you sense my sarcasm?  Well even if you weren't wondering, I'll tell ya anyway! One of my good friends had his birthday this weekend and so he did what is normal, celebrated for 4 days straight! 
On Thursday a bunch of us went to Gameworks, which is like a Dave & Busters, if you haven't heard of either of those places, imagine a Chuck-e-cheese for adults! My best friend and I decided to stop by the grocery store and pick up those mini wine bottles to sip on before heading in, but found these gems instead:

These are frozen wine cocktails, and they were amazeballs! We decided to be responsible adults and park outside the Gameworks and consume the entire thing. My suggestion if you plan on doing this, get a spoon or straw, it will make it a lot less messy {yes I managed to get the slush all over my face, not pretty}. After we finished this and got a pretty good buzz we headed in and hung out until midnight to wish my friend a happy birthday.

my bestie, birthday boy, & I

Considering I had work early the next morning, I decided to call it a night. Friday night we went to the birthday boys place to do a little pre-gaming before heading out to a local bar. The bar is a much nicer one than your run of the mill local bar. Now my friend {birthday boy} knows a LOT of people and apparently there were a few other people who were celebrating their birthday there. Well this called for a LOT of people whom I knew, but haven't seen/talked to in a LONG time. My best friend had ditched me for a family party, but came back afterwards. So I didn't have to endure the night alone, I made my really good guy friend come out. We did a lot of judging {so fun when there are people who CANNOT handle their liquor} and dodging people we didn't want to run into. Overall, it ended up being a really fun night and even ran into some people who I hadn't seen in a while. 

Birthday boy & I
My partner in crime that night
{I wish I took more pictures, but there were a ridiculous amount of people so moving around was an issue, let alone trying to get enough room to take a decent picture.}

The night ended up with a fight happening outside, which we of course had to stick around and watch, that is until about 7-8 cop cars showed up is it really necessary to have that many cop cars show up?! 
Saturday didn't involve much of anything, I slept in until the afternoon {which was much needed, since my body doesn't recover like it used to}. My friend was having a big party in the city, but after my 2 days of partying, I decided to opt out and stayed home. I did a lot of solo wine drinking & chick flick watching. It was incredibly relaxing! 
Sunday pretty much was the same as my Saturday, except I did a little cleaning out my room and then watched the Olympics for the better part of the day. The closing ceremonies were spectacular, and I tweeted a lot during them, sorry Twitter followers. I was excited about almost every performance, but was the most excited for the Spice Girls. It brought me back to my childhood and I proceeded to listen to the Spice Girls pandora station for hours that night. I still remember doing these fake "performances" with my best friends and cousins. I think most of the time I was sporty spice, I was a slight tomboy, or at least tried to be one. I think I need to go through my old VHS tapes and watch Spice World!! Oh the 90's, how I love thee!

{Don't mind the time on there, I have been staying up WAY too late}

Do you love the Spice Girls {if not, how dare you}?
Which one were you or pretended to be?

I'll leave a few videos of my fave Spice Girls songs.

{Did David Beckham have to "get with her friends" before becoming Victoria's lover?!}

{Anyone else think these music videos are super cheesy, but we loved it when they first came out?!}

zigazig ha!

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  1. Alcoholic slushies ready made out of a bag? Yes please!

  2. I need to try these alcoholic slushies stat! I was so obsessed with The Spice Girls performance too! I watched it on the LIVE feed and it was awesome! I wish it had been longer!! They look incredible for all being almost 40! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Those frozen wine things have me intrigued......

  4. Seriously, I need that frozen wine slushie. GET IN MY MOUTH! Lol, but seriously it sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  5. I thought the spice girls should have done the whole closing ceremonies! they were great, and really need to come back. Can we plan a 90's pop tour? Nsync, BSB, 98 degrees, LFO, Britney and the Spice Girls? Perfection.

  6. I think I need to invest in those slushies. Like yesterday.
    I am now immersing myself in 90's pop music today - thank you Spice Girls - and then 98 Degrees is performing on the Today show Friday morning. I've already set my DVR. :)
    Looks like a fantastic weekend!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I did the "fake performances" with my sisters to the Spice Girls as well. haha

  8. Ohhhh Spicegirls, still have some of the best party songs to date! HAHA

  9. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Those slushies look delish. I'm with you- my body doesn't recover as quickly as it used too! Two nights out and I'm needing LOTS of sleep time to make up for it :)Glad you had a good weekend!

  10. I gotta try that wine!! Man, I love the Spice Girls!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  11. Haha love those frozen slushy things yum!!