Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Click A Pic Challenge

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am linking up with Kelly @ Messy.Dirty.Hair and Nicholl @ The Chiffon Diary for a new and exciting link up they have going on. Basically you have a list of prompts that you interpret however you please and snap pictures with your iPhone or camera! 

Click a Pic Challenge
This week's challenges were- PINK, bun, summer, workout, & glitter!
This is what I came up with:

My favorite VS PINK shirt, so comfy and soft!

My "I'm too lazy to do my hair so I'll throw it up in a bun to run errands" look.

Nothing better than laying out poolside in the summer.

My workout gear & fuel.

My glitter nails!

Have you guys linked up for this challenge? If not, what's stopping you, click some pix and link up!! If you have, leave a comment with your link!!

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  1. yayay! thanks for linking up girl!! great photos! LOVE your nail polish! so pretty! and youre rocking that messy bun...its fabulous! xo Kelly

  2. Love the pics! You look great with the messy bun--I totally wish I could rock it!

  3. Awesome link up! love the nails!
    I just nominated you for a liebster award =D

  4. LOVE the nails! I just picked up a new gold glitter from Forever 21 this weekend, can't wait to use it. :)