Sunday, August 19, 2012

Throwin' it back old school!

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm typing this as I sip on my TheraFlu because I sense my body getting sick {no bueno just a week before my vacation}! I need to feel better, all I seem to be doing is sleeping, food doesn't even appeal to me, which is a sure fire way to find out something is definitely wrong!! Well since it's Sunday, I'll be linking up with the lovely Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social. This weeks questions are all throwback questions and this was actually much harder than I expected them to be. 

Sunday Social
1. What were you like in middle school/high school {w/ pictures}?
I can barely remember HS, so middle school is definitely out of the question. I ran track in both middle school and the first year of HS, then my knees just started giving out. I was pretty social all throughout middle school & HS and made my first "real" best friend my freshman year of high school. We stuck it throughout HS and are still best friends today!! If I could go back in time I wish I could, I would definitely had invested in a flat iron way before junior year, but the experiences and people I met I wouldn't change for the world! Here are some pictures {not a lot sorry, got whatever was on my laptop}:

Friend & I
Younger girls & I on my last day of HS
My best friend & I at prom
2. What were your favorite past times?
My friends & I were all so silly and carefree back in high school so we would just hang out either at the mall or movies. During the summer, we loved going to the pool or jumping on my friends trampoline with a bonfire. 

3. What songs were you obsessed with?
Wow when I Googled the top songs of 2003-2006 {my HS years}, I get artists like Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Green Day, Mariah Carey...the list could go on. I picked a few songs from each year that I remember being obsessed with! I still listen to these songs and a LOT of them from those years!!

{} Here Without You~3 Doors Down
{} Your Body is a Wonderland~John Mayer
{} 21 Questions~50 Cent
{} She Will Be Loved~Maroon 5
{} With You~Jessica Simpson
{} Let Me Love You~Mario
{} Scars~Papa Roach
{} Unwritten~Natasha Bedingfield
{} Time of Your Life~Green Day

4. What fashion statements do you look back on and cringe?
The extra flared jeans, WOW! I rocked a LOT of Hollister, A&F, etc. I definitely don't dress anywhere near how I did in HS. I think my shoes were probably the worst, clogs were my cringe worthy shoes back then!

5. Who was your celeb crush?
Geez, who wasn't I was definitely boy crazy. I think my biggest crush was on Jesse McCartney, such a hottie! Oh, and Josh Hartnett, hubba hubba!

Back in the day
Nowadays, still looks yummy! 
Josh Hartnett!
6. What were your fave TV shows/movies?
TV shows: One Tree Hill, Laguna Beach, The OC, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy...probably so many more.

Movies: The Italian Job, Finding Nemo, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Mean Girls, The Notebook, Anchorman, A Cinderella Story, Batman Begins, Wedding Crashers, Hitch, Step Up, The Devil Wears Prada, She's The Man.

Wow, so this was an awesome blast from the past! Going through the popular songs/movies/TV shows lists of my high school years was definitely entertaining. I still listen to a LOT of the music that was popular than, some shows are still going on from those years as well! 

How were your HS years?
Fave songs/movies/TV shows?
Link up!!

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  1. Great Sunday Social! Josh Hartnett....still a babe!

  2. Ahh extra flared jeans and clogs!!!! MEMORIES! Bonus points for the really light-colored flared jeans :)

  3. OMG Jesse Mccartney! I remember I thought he was so adorable! And there was another blonde boy singer too I liked but I can't remember :(

  4. Omg the extra flared jeans!!! Hahai had a pair! God style back then was awful haha!

  5. HAHAHA all of your answers would totally be my answers! MMM Jesse McCartney. ;)