Friday, June 1, 2012

Mac vs Make Up For Ever

So for a pretty long time I had used Mac because  I had been recommended to it and I had started out using their Studio Fix foundation and I actually stopped when my cousin saw me using it because she said the coverage wasn't doing anything for my skin but making my skin oily. I hadn't really loved Mac and every time I went into the Mac store at the mall by my house I felt as if they were always helping other people and were sort of standoff-ish (granted, it is a HUGE mall and a small Mac store, but still I am a paying customer and wanted help). I first off felt like they didn't give me the exact attention I needed. I am not needy or do I seek a lot of their time, but if I am spending a decent amount of money at a store I do want the person who will be getting credit for "helping me" to actually help me. Anytime I've gone there they have never once suggested anything to me like they have at Sephora or Ulta, I just don't feel like they care there. Nonetheless, the last product I used was the Mac Skinfinish Natural Mineralize in a Medium Dark.

The problem with the Mac powder foundation I found was I wasn't satisfied with the coverage, I mean it was clearly doing enough to get by, but I felt like it was doing something funky to my face because by the middle of the day it left my face feeling cake-like and dry. I officially got fed up with paying $30 for this foundation that I was getting crap service in purchasing and not getting what I was paying for. It wasn't like I wasn't willing to fork over the money to pay for good stuff, but I expect quality makeup for the price especially with a reputable brand like Mac. Well I figured I would go to Sephora on a slow day/time and try to snag a makeup specialist and try to re-do my whole process minus my liquid concealer (I use Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer also from Sephora and only $25 for acne marks and these freckle/black spots I have just as a base liquid because I don't like all over liquid foundation). So I brought this Mac powder with me just so they got an idea of what I was using and what I wanted to change from. I was unsure of how to explain what I wanted, but the specialist was so nice and patient with me and understood exactly what I wanted and answered all my annoying questions!! She showed me this amazing powder foundation from Make Up For Ever it's their Duo Mat Powder Foundation in shade 209 (Warm Beige).

I had the Mac powder on my face and when I was describing my problem to the makeup specialist she was noticing what I was talking about and it was about 7 p.m. at this time and I had not re-applied at all throughout the day. She said the powder made my face look a bit ashy and dry and it had a pink undertone to the shade which is NOT what I needed, so clearly the Mac makeup people did NOT pay attention to me when they were choosing a color for me. The shade in Make Up For Ever has a yellow undertone which is exactly what I need for my skin complexion and it absolutely does not cake on your face nor does it dry out your face. The sponge applicator it comes with I never really like so I use the elf brush I have, just because I find it easier to get all over coverage with a brush better than with a small sponge.

So if you are debating between some powder foundations and you have similar issues with your skin complexion make sure you are really doing your homework and asking questions, don't take being ignored by the specialists at these stores because it is just plain rude. I am not sure if it is just at this particular store because I have not been at any other Mac store, but I assure you after my experiences here I will probably not be back at a Mac store again unless I really need a bright colored eyeshadow (which I probably won't).

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  1. This is great! I am debating between the two. I always used MAC but now I am convinced to try makeup forever.

  2. Thank you for the review! I am looking to swap out my MAC products :)

  3. Thank you for the review! I am looking to swap out my MAC products :)