Monday, June 25, 2012

Panda Cupcakes

Morning everyone! I wanted to do a post on some pretty delicious cupcakes I made with my sister and friend. They were for a bake sale and I have to admit they turned out better than we expected. Now I make a LOT of cupcakes, but never really do any fun designs or themes, just stick some frosting on there and maybe some glitter, sprinkles, that type of thing. Well this time we aimed high, and attempted to make panda cupcakes. We were going to do a pop-out cupcake, but quickly realized it would take us much longer than we expected. So we just drew the face onto the cupcakes and added some ears. 

-I started with making the cupcakes, and to save time we just bought a box and baked it that way. I used Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate. 

-Once those were all done baking and cooled down, we started with the frosting. Now I just used vanilla frosting and covered the entire cupcake with a nice thick, smooth layer.
-I also cut mini oreo's 3/4 of the way to use as ears. 
-Once I got a good outline of the face with a toothpick, I then used black writing gel frosting to make the eyes, nose and mouth. 
-Once that was done I took mini chocolate chips and put them in as the eyes and used a white writing gel frosting to make a pupil. 

This was honestly so simple to do and it looks really cute, my suggestion is to place more frosting where the ears go or they will start sliding. Also, stick these bad boys in the fridge as soon as your done because the summer heat will make those ears start sliding off. 

Have you guys made any cupcakes lately?
Let me know what you have tried & you can send me a pic of it too!!

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