Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's 'OK' Thursday

Happy Thursday (I know I need to come up with something else, this is getting old even for me). So today I am linking up with {Neely} and {Amber} for it's 'OK' Thursday. 

Its Ok Thursdays's ok that I'm calling in 'sick' at work today to enjoy the zoo with my fave niece's ok that I didn't win employee of the quarter at work (I promise I'm a good employee & don't call in, like ever), the nomination was good enough for me winning would have been cooler.'s ok that as much as I tell myself to save $$ for Vegas, I still managed to spend over $150 in 2 days!!!'s ok that UPS totally jipped me by charging me $15 to ship a package that definitely weighed less than 2 lbs.'s ok that I watch crappy reality TV, it's entertaining and sometimes makes me feel better about my life.'s ok that I painted my nails yesterday, but won't post pictures up until the Nail Files link-up!'s ok that I've already won 2 amazing giveaways, but I'm being greedy and hoping my luck continues for a few more giveaways :).'s ok that I just learned how to schedule posts, oh well, problems of a new blogger, I'm still learning new things everyday!

So what's OK with you all today, go and link-up!!

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  1. Ha, I've won a couple giveaways this week & hope to win some more too! Definitely okay! Have fun at the zoo!

  2. Calling into work sometimes is healthy.
    Seriously, I know some people who have so many sick/personal days it makes me sick. :-(

  3. yeah you're taking a mental health day at the zoo, all good! crappy reality tv is the highlight of my week! hello bachelorette and (sigh) glass house. i don't know how to quit either of you!

  4. Fake sick days are definitely the best. Especially when it means that you get to go to the zoo. It doesn't get any better.

  5. I love my reality tv too. Its something I used to be ashamed to admit. Hope you enjoyed your "sick" day.