Friday, June 29, 2012

Nail Files {6/29/12}

Yay it's Friday!! So today I am linking up once again with the wonderful {Tara} and {Vicki} for Nail Files. If you haven't joined this link up you need it! It encourages you to paint your nails and make them look pretty every week!! This week I went bright, again. 

The Nail Files
So I am not sure why the color looks red, but it is hot pink. Once I painted my nails I put a top coat of my new Sally Hansen insta dry/no chip and I absolutely LOVE how my nails look with it. They looked like I got them professionally done and having painted them 3 days ago, I still think my nails look pretty perfect.

So this is Sally Hansen salon nail lacquer in Orange You Cute? I absolutely loved how well this color looks and it was easy to apply. The brush is a little thinner and it makes it easier to get it in those tight areas. 

Do you have a cute polish on? Have you linked up? If not you should!!

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  1. Pretty color! I never understand why things photograph in different colors sometimes. I have a blue dress that photographs green :-P

  2. I'm not usually one to go for bright colors, but this is so pretty, and perfect for summer :)