Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I know this post is coming pretty late, but I have been extremely busy trying to catch up on school and work and then squeezing in sleep between all that. The past weekend I had one of my good friends since high school have his engagement party and in my culture we go all out and have an all out reception basically. The night before the engagement party he had all his friends and family over at his house for just a night of fun we had some awesome food, yummy cocktails and got some cool henna put on! 

Us lovely girls

The whole crew, and the groom-to-be in pink!

Me and my bestie!

All of us rocking our A hats

The moms playing flippy cup with us (and the groom-to-be's mom chuggin' that beer like a champ!)

Shots all around!

So, after this night we all were pretty tired and woke up pretty late and all 6 of us girls got together at one of our houses and all got ready for the night ahead. It took a good 3 hours for all of us to get all of our hair and makeup perfect and with the 96° looming outside we were anxious to get as many pictures as we could with our makeup/hair looking good. The banquet that the engagement was held at was a gorgeous place with a front lobby that mimicked a fancy hotel with a breathtaking chandelier. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but it hadn't crossed my mind at the time. Since the 6 of us girls were his closest friends since high school/college we all were told to prepare a small dance that we had been practicing for just about a day and even though we just wanted to get it over with (which we just did by the skin of our hairs) it was a lot of fun nonetheless. The food was amazing and the night proceeded along to the dancing portion of the night which was the part that all of us were looking forward to! Dancing started roughly around 9:30 p.m. and went til about midnight. With drinks flowing at the open bar and music blasting through the speakers with friends all around you couldn't have asked for a more fun evening. It was the first one of our friends to get engaged and we couldn't be more happy for the couple and definitely cannot wait for the wedding next year!! Here are just a few pictures from the engagement!
Us lovely girls before the engagement!

Me with the engaged couple!

Me & Anish

Me & Shah

Bestie & I

<3 these 3

love these girls

cool angle

Cake :)



All of us friends

girls from h.s.

Chocolate/vanilla w/ hazelnut cake
{best cake I've had in a while}
So now the excitement has died down from that and after all that on Sunday I had a pretty average Memorial Day, didn't have work so took that time to catch up on assignments and papers that needed to be done just trying to stay above water. I don't know what possessed me at the time when I signed up for 4 classes during the summer, but it is NOT easy especially when you are working part-time. But I am lucky in the sense that I work in the same field that I am going to school in and I have some great resources at work they all help me during downtime with research and that is such a relief sometimes! I have been MIA on this blog because of the sheer fact that since Monday I have been trying to catch up on just a weeks worth of assignments for only 3 classes. My fourth class starts next Tuesday at 8 a.m., that should be exciting, NOT! Since I am all caught up on everything for the time being I am going to enjoy blogging and tomorrow I am going to Michigan to celebrate the 1st birthday party of my adorable niece, Uma. I will hopefully capture a ton of pictures because I haven't seen her since December and it will be a nice time to catch up with all my family again and have a small get away from Chicago. 

p.s. I am cheating and doing another blog post right after this just to catch up on blog posts that have been sitting in my drafts :) so enjoy the reading, guys!!

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