Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free dinner ya'll

Hey everyone! I was trying to get this post up last night, but my internet was really acting up and I just got too frustrated to try fixing it. Anyway last night I got to go to a dinner through work at this fancy steakhouse. I feel like this is a perk working in a hospital and especially in a specialized department like cardiology. Now I am only a tech in the department for the time being since I am in school, but I still get invited to all these events since I deal with all the pharmaceuticals used, etc. This particular dinner was hosted by a pharmaceutical company that provides our department some of our lovely cardiology drugs and there was a cardiologist who spoke about the changes that have helped patients throughout the past few years from the last medication that we used and during this we enjoyed some pretty awesome food. I had never been to this steakhouse, but I had heard some pretty amazing stuff and free wine so there was no complaining! This was my outfit, nothing fancy:

1. Top: Target, mossimo supply co. boyfriend tee in black
2. Jeans: Gilly Hicks, vintage denim cheeky stretch in dark navy wash
3. Watch: Nine West, gold watch with diamond accents and mother of pearl finish face
4. Bracelet: Target, tan chunky bracelet w/ gold & diamond accents
5. Shoes: Target, merona emeline braided flat sandals in gold

If you can tell I am sort of obsessed with Target, I just bought those sandals and decided they went with all the other gold accessories I had on (also wore my gold Michael Kors handbag) and they have so many other pretty colors that seem like they go with many outfits that I may be picking up later this month! So onto the food, like I said as soon as I got to the steakhouse, we had a private conference room which was nice we were seated and offered red or white wine and I graciously accepted the Chardonnay.

Yum :)
They then brought out family style apps for the entire table and before I could even snap a picture everyone had grabbed them up (that's how yummy they were!) but shortly after that we were presented with our steak house salad 

Icceberg, Romaine and baby lettuces with cherry tomatoes, garlic croutons and red onions topped with a vinaigrette
Albeit, it was just a salad, but it was such a good salad and whatever was in the vinaigrette was amazing, just the right amount of creaminess! Next up was the entree and for that I ordered the penne pasta dish with vegetables in a butter sauce. 

Looks delish, no? Well it definitely was, by this point I was stuffed, like ready to unbutton my jean button stuffed, but I had to remind myself I was in public and I couldn't do that. Pretty soon after finishing dinner they brought out the dessert, which is my favorite part of any meal. I was worried I wasn't gonna be able to eat it, but low and behold my stomach made just enough room to devour the dessert. 

Chocolate sin cake w/ fresh seasonal berries in a sweet cream sauce
I mean beyond delicious. Afterwards, a few of us hung back to finish up the wine in our glasses and just gossip, but considering a few of us (not including me) had work early the next morning we all decided to call it a night. 

It is nice to know that even in an economy like ours employers like mine still get small perks like these, this is nothing compared to what we used to get years before, but it is really nothing to complain about. All in all it was a great night.

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