Monday, June 4, 2012

ZICO Water

So, the lovely blogger Veronika is hosting an awesome giveaway of ZICO water which sounds like an awesome product. I have never used it before, but after her glowing review it sounds like something I would run out and go use! It is a coconut water that comes in many different flavors and you can mix it in smoothies as well to make an even yummier drink! Veronika writes about the many benefits about ZICO water provides because not only does it taste yummy it helps with cramping because of the potassium (which I get and is super annoying sometimes). This seems like it would be a super cool giveaway to win and even if I don't I may go out and get it and try it out because it just sounds delicious, healthy and refreshing! If you guys want anymore information you can check out Veronika's blog where you should all enter the giveaway, here.

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