Saturday, June 9, 2012

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Evening everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. I have been running around and when I got home all I wanted was something healthy to drink and in my freezer I have had a bag of market pantry fruit smoothie. This is really easy to make and all you need is a bag of the fruit smoothie which I got from Target, a blender, either 1 cup of water or juice (whichever you prefer). If you want a thicker smoothie you can add some ice in the blender as well. 

In the blender you mix the bag of fruit smoothie, the yogurt packet that comes inside the bag, 1 cup of water or juice, and the ice if you prefer. Blend together until you get the consistency that you like.

Blend, blend, and blend!! Once it is a nice and creamy, you can either drink it right away or do what I did and make some smoothie pops. I have a Popsicle mold and placed the smoothie in that and placed it in the freezer for a few hours so I will post some pictures after a few hours of it getting nice and frozen! Whatever didn't fit in the Popsicle mold I put in a glass with a sugar rim around the edge and drank to make it extra fancy! This smoothie turned out amazing and it didn't take long at all, I definitely recommend it and the only downfall is I wish it made more, but I think next time instead of 1 cup of juice I can add more! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and I'll be back to do a link-up with Ashley & Neely tomorrow!!

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